Title ID 8597Collection ID1176
Title[Aeroplanes at Shoreham]
Date[ca. 1937?]
CollectionFrancis Jefferis Williams
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeLeisure Wartime And Military
KeywordsAircraft Airports Armed Forces Men
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Jefferis Williams
CameraFrancis Jefferis Williams
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration7 min. 12 sec.
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This film contains footage of Shoreham Air Show in the late 1930s. Various propellor driven aircraft stand stationary on the airfield as well as taking off to perform in the air display. Later shots show spectators on the ground walking amongst the aircraft. Continued on TID:8598 with scenes of the air display.


At Shoreham Air Show various propellor driven fixed wing planes stand stationary on the airfield as well as taking off. A pilot stands upright in the cockpit of a GAL ST 25 Monospar Ambulance aircraft [G-AEGX], a De Havilland DH85 Leopard Moth [G-ACLY] stands stationary on the grass, followed by shots of a towing vehicle and spectators walking amongst the aircraft.

The scene cuts to a large gathering of people standing around a car with the flag of St George on the bonnet ornament (?). Various shots of aircraft on the airfield include: an RAF Hart (Special) bi-plane aircraft [K4433]; an RAF Tiger Moth [K4257]; close up of two pilots in an open cockpit bi-plane aircraft (?); a fixed wing Foster Wikner aircraft Wicko GM1 [G-AEZZ], a [K4429] Hart (Special); a [G-ACFF] De Havilland DH83 Fox Moth followed by a panoramic shot of several other parked aircraft, being tended to on the airfield by a ground crew.

Further aircraft include: a [G-ABGS] De Havilland DH80A Puss Moth passing through shot; a [GACTT] De Havilland DH89 Dragon Rapide on the airfield with boarding steps, seen from several angles; a single single fixed wing aircraft marked U3 (?); several shots and angles of a [G-ACFC] De Havilland DH83 Fox Moth on the airfield, with a pilot and a family group approaching the aircraft. The pilot allows the child to board the craft and sit in the cockpit before the plane takes off. A Supermarine Walrus [L2246 on tail, possibly from 277 squadron RAF?] passes through shot. [K6324]; an Avro Anson MK1 passes through shot and turning on the airfield, with the chapel of Lancing College visible in the background. Several bi-plane aircraft are seen in flight including a squadron of Hawker Fury MK1(?) [RAF 1 Flight Squadron]; Avro Anson MK1 [K6324]; a Fairey Battle I [K7598 - possibly from 35 Squadron RAF?] along with a fire engine and ambulance on the runway. The film continues on TID: 8598 with a series of air display sequences, seen from the ground at distance.


[Aeroplanes at Shoreham] (ca.1937)