Title ID 8590Collection ID1176
Title[Grandad and Children]
CollectionFrancis Jefferis Williams
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Children Domestic Gardens Family Games Old Age Play Seaside Resorts Water Transport
LocalRottingdean (?) Peacehaven
RegionalEast Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Jefferis Williams
CameraFrancis Jefferis Williams
ParticipantsHaydn Williams (Son); Alfred WIlliams (Father); Lalora Wethered (Mother of film-maker); Nancy Williams (Wife); Nancy Williams (Sister); Betty Williams (Sister)
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration8 min. 07 sec.
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This film by Francis Williams contains footage of a family gathering in Peacehaven. Mr Williams uses titles to introduce the three generations of the family present. We also see Mr Williams' father, Alfred Canning Williams, tending bees in his garden.


The opening shot shows a family group walking down steps in the grounds of the Peacehaven Hotel [demolished 1987]. The group includes Mr Williams' three young children and a dog playing in the garden, followed by shots of their boy held by his mother. This is followed by a series of close-ups of the young boy in his cot, pulling faces at the camera (some damage to film).

Intertitle: "F.J. Williams presents to you fun and laughter. Photography by F.J. Williams. 'Characters? Why! Here they are" The family group walk together towards the camera with their dog. [This section of the film was shot in Peacehaven, in the garden of Mrs Wethered's house - FJ Williams Mother-in-Law]. Close-ups show Mrs (Lalora) Wethered talking. The two daughters run hand-in-hand with an older girl towards the camera. Intertitle: "Betty turns things over" showing the youngest girl performing a series of roly-poly's. on the lawn, and Mrs Wethered with the dog. Intertitle: "What is it?" with Nancy tottering towards the camera wearing adult high heeled shoes and glasses. Intertitle: "First & Third Generation" shows the young boy being held by his grandmother, who is smoking a cigarette. Intertitle: "First Second & Third Generation'" followed by a shot of the boy, his grandmother and mother. Intertitle: "Come up and see me sometime" - the eldest girl sashays towards the camera Intertitle: "'The Tomboys" - the eldest girl swings her younger sister around by her arms at speed. In the background several family members are seen holding tennis racquets.

The next sequence shows a series of shots featuring Haydn as a baby with his mother and sisters. He is seen being posed whilst sat on a small wooden chair clapping, later climbing on the chair, being held by a woman (mother?).

The film cuts to footage of Mr Williams' father, Alfred, in his garden, seen painting a statue, and smoking a pipe. There follows a long shot of him working on the statue viewed through an arch way covered with foliage. Later he puts on a jacket over his shirt and waistcoat and walks to his garden shed. In the shed doorway to the shed he puts on a boater hat fitted with netting, which he tucks into the neck of the jacket as he approaches a bee hive. Slowly he lifts out honeycombs with bare hands, completely covered in bees. [This section of the film is solarised but still visible].

The film [also very solarised] closes with a series of shots of a boat viewed from above, with tripods and cameras fixed onboard and a man (Alfred?) walking along the seafront stopping to be filmed in portrait, as he talks to the camera.


Grandad and Children] (1935)