Title ID 8589Collection ID1176
Title[Chasing Lambs]
CollectionFrancis Jefferis Williams
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Children Family Leisure Time Activities Swimming
LocalRottingdean Saltdean
RegionalEast Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Jefferis Williams
CameraFrancis Jefferis Williams
ParticipantsNancy. A Williams (Wife); Francis H. WIlliams (Son); Hadyn C. Williams (Son); Nancy L. Williams (Daughter); Betty Williams (Daughter); Alfred Williams (Father); Frances Williams (Mother)
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration12 min. 06 sec.
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A family film by Francis Williams, focusing on his toddler son, as well as domestic scenes, family members at the beach and the family diving at an outdoor Lido pool at Rottingdean.


The film opens on a field containing sheep with young lambs. Mr Williams' toddler son, runs after the sheep, who scatter away from him. A series of portraits show the boy with a dog outside a farmhouse, with a woman wearing an apron standing beside it. They boy pets the dog and goes into the house.

[This scene not in online clip] On the beach at Rottingdean, the boy paddles in the surf with his sisters and their nanny, Frances Pittman.

There follows footage of Saltdean Lido. The film shows Francis Williams diving into the water, as well as his wife Nancy and Frances Pittman, all wearing swimming hats.

There follow scenes show Alfred Williams' timber-framed farmhouse and the garden with outbuildings all seen in a panorama that includes the flower beds, a bird table and a bird bath. The family group stand beside the bird table in smart dress, smiling for the camera for a series of individual portrait shots showing Alfred Williams with his wife and her family. A brief shot follows of a roadside with the sea visible in the background. Alfred and his wife stand beside Francis's 1934 Singer Le Mans sports car.

A series of shots of the children follow: the boy has a go at brushing his mother's hair; he plays at the base of a tree with his sisters and another girl; shots of two dogs playing in the grass and the boy trying on one of the girl's watches, sliding it all the way up his arm.

The final scenes show the family at the beach [Rottingdean or Saltdean?]. The boy, wearing a jumper, draws in the sand with a stick and several close up shots of the boy and Nancy laughing at the camera, closing with Nancy and her children throwing pebbles out to sea.


A still from [Chasing Lambs] (1937-1938)