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Title[The Indian Hospital, Royal Visit to Royal Pavilion Hospital, Brighton]
CollectionEarly Films
ThemeEarly film in the South East Wartime and Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Buildings Royalty Ceremonies Ethnic Groups Local History Uniforms Dresses First World War (1914-1918)
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration11 min. 16 sec.
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King George V and Queen Mary visit the Royal Pavilion, where wounded Indian soldiers inhabit the temporary hospital.


"The hospital has welcomed many distinguished visitors, including Their Majesties the King and Queen twice, H. M. Queen Alexandra, H. R. H. Princess Beatrice, H. R. H. The Duchess of Argyll, Lord Kitchener, Lord Crewe, Mr. Austen Chamberlain & c." King George V shakes the hands of a line of troops. His wife, Queen Mary, follows behind. He is introduced to higher-ranking army officers. "Some of the wounded Indians" are shown, some wear eye patches or slings. All face the camera for a panning shot. "Indian Recreation." Indian men in turbans gather to walk, smoke and play cards in the pavilion's gardens. Some sit in wheelchairs, many wear long overcoats. Various panning shots follow.

"An Historical and descriptive account of the Royal Pavilion with a splendid collection of illustrations will be given by the Brighton Corporation to every patient, translated into Gurmukhi and Urdu. Copies may be purchased by the public. Orders should be sent to any bookseller or direct to the Director of the Public Library Brighton." Closer footage of the Indian men during recreational time follows. "Wounded Gurkhas".

"The King addressing the Indians before presenting the Victoria Cross to Jemadar Mir Dast, I, O, M, 55th. Coke's Rifles, Frontier Force." "Presentation of the India order of merit to Haviladar Gagna. 57th. Wilde's Rifles, Frontier Force." The King continues to greet the Indian soldiers. "The decorated Indian officers (sitting)." Further panning footage of Indian soldiers follows. "Ladies presented to her Majesty". Women wear fur stoles and long skirts.

"Their majesties leaving the Dome." The king and queen visit the Sikh's place of worship. A tented space is shown, under which men in turbans sit cross legged. "The King talking to Colonel J. N. MacLeod, the commanding officer of the Royal Pavilion Hospital and Colonel P. J. Freyer." The group speak with one another while soldiers look on. "Their Majesties take leave of the Mayor of Brighton and Officers of the Royal Pavilion Hospital."