Title ID 8392Collection ID1188
TitleThe Old Chorister
CollectionEarly Films
ThemeEarly film in the South East Rural Life
KeywordsReligious Activities Religious Buildings Children Old Age
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJames Williamson
DirectorJames Williamson
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Superimposition conveys an old man's reminisces and apparitions after hearing choral singing in this James Williamson production.


An old man with a stick walks down a path [park?]. He pauses briefly when he hears singing in the distance. He continues, shaking his head, and finds a place to sit with his head in his hands. He remembers singing in a choir as a boy before he returns to the path. The screen fades to black. By a hedgerow he locates the source of the singing he can hear, a country church. The screen fades to black. Four boys play-fight outside the church's entrance before they are told to enter by the priest. Others follow them in. Another priest asks the old man if he would like to join them. Inside, choir boys lead the group of singers into the nave. All carry hymn books, including the old man at the rear. He sees an apparition of a winged angel above the altar. The old man exits the pew and walks towards the vision, where he falls down to the floor, attended by the vicars.

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