Title ID 8348Collection ID1057
Title[Station; Boating on Pond; Crawley]
Date[ca. 1963?]
CollectionArthur Nixey
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Urban Life
KeywordsBuildings Boats Children Domestic Gardens Family Houses Motor Vehicles Play Railway Stations Shopping Trains Trades Urban Areas Villages
LocalBalcombe Crawley
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionArthur Nixey
CameraArthur Nixey
FormatColour Silent
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This film opens with a man strolling along several Southern Railway branded station platforms, followed by mixed views of a family playing together in a garden and posing for the camera. On a river two boys play on a wooden punt. Finally mixed views show tradesmen working in Balcombe village and wide views of the Queen's Square Shopping Centre and High Street in Crawley.


This film opens with mixed shots of a man walking along several train platforms as a green Southern livery train enters the station. A couple with their dog and a pram wave at the camera and the film-maker boards a train, passing through a station with views of the landscape.

In the next section a family play together, socialising in the garden and on a river; they also walk towards the camera in portrait and sitting together in the punts.

Returning to Balcombe Village, a man shuffles coal into a cart for an older man and then pushes the cart along the street. This is followed by mixed views of the village with scenes of the local baker loading his sign-written van 'M.Thorpe & Son Balcombe Bakers & Confectioners'. Portrait shots of several village residents walking towards the camera end the sequence.

The next section features mixed views of the Queen's Square Shopping Centre in Crawley with a fountain and a stage or platform being erected in the main square, followed by mixed shots of several industrial buildings or units (some shots are out of focus).

In another location (Balcombe Village ?), a series of portrait shots follow several children playing on a bicycle, playing with a toy tractor and with a wheelbarrow in a garden. These scenes are followed by views of a couple and their dog sitting next to a busy rural road watching the traffic and a view from an upstairs window, of a man mowing a garden lawn with two boys helping him out. The film ends with short shots of a boy with a Jackdaw; views of ducks in the garden drinking from a water bowl; portrait shots of a family group holding and playing with a poodle; and mixed shots of Balcombe House and gardens with the gardener tending to the formal lawns.