Title ID 8338Collection ID1057
Title[Pony Show and Gymkhana; Bowders Farm; Shell Brook Waterworks]
CollectionArthur Nixey
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life Family Life
KeywordsAnimals Children Family Farming Houses Labour Leisure Time Activities Men Motor Vehicles Rural Areas Sport Industry Workers
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionArthur Nixey
CameraArthur Nixey
FormatColour Silent
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This film shows scenes of village life in Balcombe, West Sussex. The film opens with views of a pony show and Gymkhana followed by the family visiting a dairy farm and the film-maker visiting Shell Brook Waterworks (now Ardingly Reservoir). The film also contains family scenes with the children playing with their pets and posing in the garden.


This colour film opens with a sign 'This way to the show' and 'Pony Show and Gymkhana in this field Saturday September 6' on a white fence/gate. Riders wearing pony club attire pass the camera on horseback. Mixed views of the Gymkhana events with riders jumping fences and competing. The next sequences cuts to several girls getting ready for a dog show which in turn cuts to views of a dog agility event. Families sit and have picnics.

On a high street the family stops to look at a window display, followed by a wide view of a shop frontage 'E. Squires and Sons' as a car and horse box pass through the shot. A red telephone box stands outside. The family stand to pose on the corner of a village street, followed by shots of a young man on a bicycle and the family waiting to board the '82' bus.

The next sequence provides an extended scene of a teenage boy holding a Jackdaw bird whilst it drinks from a beaker, eats nuts, collects things and catches them as they are thrown to it in a garden followed by a portrait shot of another teenager with a bird on his arm and holding a cat.

The next section shows highlights of the family on a working farm (Bowders Farm), with a brief shot of a tractor and combine harvester unit cutting and thrashing grain in a field; the family posing with the dairy cattle and the children pretending to drive a full size tractor parked in the farmyard.

In a garden an older woman prunes rose bushes, a man tends to the vegetable patch and a boy mows the garden lawn with a motor powered lawn mower. Shots of three boys trying to start the mower engine is followed by them running towards the camera. Portrait shots follow of a tradesman delivering stock (?); a man in a white apron (?) and an older woman and boy with an English sheep dog in garden.

An intertitle: ' Tom in Action' is followed by shots of a man in overalls pushing a weighted roller over the grass and playing with a young boy. A man mows the grass with a manual mower. An unusual 'game' between a man and a young boy play fighting together where the man has a long stick and pretends to hit the boy (?) followed by shots of a wrestling game [not in clip].

A brief shot of a man dressed in outdoor clothing riding off down the road sat on a motorbike 'LAP 849' .

An intertitle: 'Shell Brook Waterworks' (now Ardingly Reservoir) is followed by views of a narrow channel with water flowing into a river below. Mixed views then follow of the waterworks building and a tractor working a field on the adjacent slope. This is followed by mixed shots of the waterworks outdoor watercourses, and interior views of the waterworks building, with pipes and large pumps painted in a dark green/grey colour to complete the film.