Title ID 8313Collection ID1095
Title[Gymnastics; Building Swimming Pool]
Date[ca. 1965 - 1966]
CollectionSteed Family - Manston, Kent
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Family Games Gardening Leisure Time Activities Labour Rural Areas Swimming
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorman Harold Steed
CameraNorman Harold Steed
FormatColour Silent
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This colour film opens with four teenagers doing gymnastics in the garden, one takes a picture with a compact camera. The next scene shows the teenagers digging a hole for the swimming pool, followed by views of tree surgeons cutting down trees in the garden. The shots return to digging the pool later in the year and laying the plastic sheeting. The family then go for a swim in the completed pool.


This film opens with views of a group of teenagers in their garden working together in various gymnastic routines.

The second film is over exposed, but features several family members sitting in the garden waiting for an older woman to take a family portrait. The film then regains colour and contrast to reveal several family members playing with the camera. Filmed from an upstairs window the children, dressed in bathing costumes, dig up the grass in the garden to prepare the ground for a swimming pool (TID 8312 shows pool in full use). In another part of the garden several tree surgeons with chain saws fell an overgrown tree. The men cut chunks of the tree off and roll them down to the ground from the top.

A brief view of a hockey game (?) is followed by further mixed shots of the teenagers digging the ground for the swimming pool, throwing the dirt into a pile. Mrs Steed in another part of the garden prunes rose bushes. The shot then cuts to a blue liner being fitted to the inside of the pool and being filled with water from a hose pipe by two teenage girls. Several teenage boys join in to play in the pool as it continues to fill. Two teenagers have a water fight with the hose pipe and the rest join in splashing each other and jumping in off the sides of the pool.

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