Title ID 8287Collection ID1095
Title[African Holiday]
CollectionSteed Family - Manston, Kent
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Cars Clothing Ethnic Groups Ferries Handicrafts Lakes Men Nature Reserves Rivers Ships Transport
LocalNariobi Uganda Manston
NationalKenya Uganda Africa England United Kingdom
ProductionNorman Harold Steed
CameraNorman Harold Steed
FormatColour Silent
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This extended film shows the Steed family on safari in Kenya and visiting the lakes of Uganda; capturing views of rural life, farming and the natural environment. The group also stop to admire the equatorial ring at the Ugandan Equator marker, and tour a Ugandan quarry or mine.


This film opens with views over a river. Two women sit on an open terrace chatting whilst one knits. A brief shot of a woman sitting on the wall outside a newly built brick house (?) is followed by a close up of a crocodile or large land dragon sitting in the long grass next to the camera.

The next scene (over exposed) opens with the family aboard a boat and on the beach. Mrs Steed swims in the water whilst other family members film with their cameras. High aerial views of the landscape follow, taken through the window of an aircraft with views of the farmland below.

The next brief shot highlights two men on camels carrying large bails of straw along a roadside; sharply cutting to mixed views of a BOAC aircraft on a runway as passengers board, cutting again to shots of the family on safari, with wide views of bison, boar and gazelle grazing as seen from their vehicle.

The next scene opens with mixed views of an outdoor market, where a man sells woven baskets, vegetables and flowers from a stall. At a large indoor market, the family visit a local native crafts stand. The camera captures wide indoor views of a fruit and vegetable seller 'Kamau Rugu' and a souvenir shop 'Dewansons Curio Shop' selling animal rugs, ostrich feathers and native tribal items. The film then returns to the safari which includes views of animals grazing and drinking from watering holes. A sign reads 'You may leave your car to enter the game observation post. Exercise care' as several family members gather under a tilled game hide in the middle of the landscape. On a farm several local women carry metal water buckets on their heads, accompanied by individual shots of the farm buildings (out of focus), a wild bird, water lilies and views over open countryside. At the Karuru Waterfall, a sign denotes the height of the three stages of the falls, continuing with views of the river and a large flock of flamingo wading in the water.

The family visit a farm where a woman dries coffee in the sun and coffee plants grow in a large plantation. The plants are adorned with red and green coffee cherries. Continuing on their trip, Mrs Steed stops to admire a complex signpost with fingers that point in all directions including London, New York, Rome and Cairo, followed by a group of local African children and several adults, who have gathered on the roadside.

In a village, market people mill about with their livestock, and Mr Steed admires a termite mound at the base of a tree. The film then continues with mixed views of the landscape and safari wildlife that includes several African elephant, a bloat of hippopotamuses bathing in the shallow water, views of a shallow waterfall, a lake and a tall Abyssinian Ground Hornbill bird walking along a track road in front of the camera. In the next scene the film-maker captures a paddle ferry docking at a slipway, as several men (British Army men in green uniforms ?) stand on the bank at both ends of the journey.

The next section shows a deep waterfall (Two Falls?) with rapids over the rocks where Mrs Steed paddles. A local guard stands next to a sign: 'The way to view Two Falls'. Mrs Steed poses under the Equatorial monument marker 'Uganda Equator S N' next to the road. The group stop frequently to admire the wildlife and landscape, where a dam spews water into a river with views over several waterfalls. The film closes with the family touring an industrial mineral mine or quartz quarry with a worker; and an airport with views of a Boeing 707 South African Airways flight in Switzerland (?). Back at home the family play in their garden. The film ends with an animated commercial (?) end title (a Dachshund dog walks through the frame with an 'the end' flag on his tail).