Title ID 8286Collection ID1095
Title[Donkey Ride; Cycling; Pets]
CollectionSteed Family - Manston, Kent
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsAnimals Bicycles Children Domestic Gardens Play Rural Areas
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorman Harold Steed
CameraNorman Harold Steed
ParticipantsSteed family
FormatColour Silent
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This intertitled film shows several children trying ride two donkeys. This is followed by the children riding a selection of bicycle and tricycles and views of their pets - two Guinea Pigs and a mouse.


"1954 Trying to ride the donkey"

Several children are seen trying to catch a pair of donkeys so they can ride them. One donkey refuses to move when a head-collar is placed over its head. The children sit on the animals with both refusing to move. One of the younger boys tries to pull the donkey and falls backwards as the donkey digs his heels in. The children finally give up and lead the donkeys to another part of the field and remove their head collars. A child then holds up a ginger cat to the camera.

"1954 Riding Bicycles"

This film shows a young boy and a toddler playing together on a tricycle in the farmyard, later joined by other siblings with their toys. The children ride around the yard at speed, the camera finding it difficult to keep up (out of focus and shallow depth of field).

"1954 David's Guinea Pigs Michael's Mouse"

This colour film shows a view through a wire mesh hutch of two Guinea Pigs followed by a close-up of a young boy holding a large pet mouse (out of focus). The shot returns to the two Guinea pigs in their hutch. They run into their Guinea Pig house (out of focus).