Title ID 8275Collection ID1095
Title[Bathing at Botany Bay; Children]
CollectionSteed Family - Manston, Kent
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Boats Children Domestic Gardens Family Holidays Landscape Leisure Time Activities Mothers Play Swimming Women
LocalBroadstairs Manston
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorman Harold Steed
CameraNorman Harold Steed
FormatColour Silent
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This colour and black and white family film shows a family on a seaside holiday, in Botany Bay, Broadstairs. The film also shows mixed views of a mare and foal in a field, a child playing with its shadow, playing in a muddy puddle, and a baby in a pram. The final film taken in 1950 at Spratling Court Farm, shows two children playing in the garden on a blanket with their toys.


This colour film opens with a title: '1948 Bathing Botany Bay', with scenes of the children playing in the sea and jumping over the waves as they break on the shore. A toddler plays in the sand. There are mixed views of the water out to sea. A view of a calendar page reads 'Sunday 3rd July 1949' followed by a brief view of a pair of mares with their foals in a field.

The shot opens with views of Botany Bay and the children swimming in the sea, with several views of the waves rolling in. The children play in the sand building a channel to get the water to run up the beach from the sea. In the final scene a young child plays with a toy boat and a piece of metal (?) in a puddle. The child also seems surprised to see its shadow. The shot is followed by a very brief close up of a baby in a cot.

The next scenes show a young girl and a toddler sitting on a blanket in the garden, wearing summer dresses. The older girl hugs the toddler. The other enters the shot to hand toys to the children to play with - a small blue duck and a ball. She briefly returns to tie a bib and bonnet on the toddler, who immediately tries to take the bonnet off, it covers his face, and he falls over. The mother enters to pick him up and lay him on his front.


[Bathing at Botany Bay; Children] (1948-1950)