Title ID 8259Collection ID799
TitleMillennium Pestalozzi Film
KeywordsBuildings Charities Children Cultural Events Dance Education Festivals Youth Youth Organizations National Dress
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDill Productions
Commissioning bodyPestalozzi Village Trust
Funding bodyMillennium Festival Awards
NarratorJo Nair
FormatColour Sound
Duration13min. 56sec.
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A professional promotional film produced on behalf of the Pestalozzi Village Trust. The film includes footage of Pestalozzi students and the work of the organisation, focussing on the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe. The film includes narration and a soundtrack throughout.


The film opens with music, shots of Pestalozzi organisations and titles: "The Pestalozzi Trust", "believes that", "education", "is the key", "to achieving", "sustainable" & "development". Shots of a statuette of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and stills of Pestalozzi village at Trogen. A woman narrator explains the ethos of Pestalozzi, followed by an introduction to the Pestalozzi village in England, with an aerial photo and map of southeast England with the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe highlighted. Information at the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification, followed by shots of Hastings College of Art and Technology. The narrator explains the IB qualification and its value alongside shots of the students at the college, and carrying out community work. Stills of students in a developing country at school, the narrator explains students are chosen according to academic ability. World map with stills highlighting Pestalozzi activities in a number of countries. Shots of a UK airport, the narrator explains Pestalozzi staff go to these countries each year to select students. Shots of students in a terminal building of an airport. Aerial shots of the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe. The narrator explains how the students live at Pestalozzi, shots of students relaxing in a lounge, eating a meal in the Swiss Hall and playing tennis and snooker. Shots of displays relating to the students home countries, signs: "Nepal" & "Thailand". Stills of Pestalozzi children in the developing world. The narrator explains that since completing the IB programme students have gone on to university in a variety of countries, or returned home to run health and education projects. Interviews with students from Pestalozzi about their experiences of Pestalozzi and being awarded scholarships. Shots of Air Cadets and a Pestalozzi member being given an award. Shots of other students holding awards. Shots of a member of Pestalozzi staff working at a desk in the Education Centre. Shots of activities attended by local schoolchildren, the narrator explains how Pestalozzi students help run these activities. Shots of the village and lake, the narrator explains how a conservation project is now underway. Shots of other facilities whilst the narrator explains how the trust hires out facilities to other companies and organisations. Shots of the library and computer room and students helping to construct a straw bale building on the site. Shots of students at the Hague Peace Conference, followed by shots of a festival at the village for local people to experience different cultures. Students pose for the camera, some in national dress, others dance or make purchases at stalls selling ethnic wares. The narrator states that this promotes the work of Pestalozzi, as well as raising extra funds for the Pestalozzi trust. Shots of fundraising activities, whilst the narrator states that helping the Pestalozzi trust to raise funds can be a worthwhile experience. Shots of students at the village in the Swiss Hall and dancing on a stage. The narrator states that the fundraising department would be glad to hear from those wanting to donate. Other shots of Pestalozzi children involved in different activities. The film ends with a group of students waving at the camera. [End credits which (unintentionally?) include voices of students talking about themselves from another film produced by the Pestalozzi students (UID 8258)].