Title ID 8258Collection ID799
TitleA Year in the Life of Pestalozzi Students
Date[early 2000s]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent Artist/Film-makerInstitutionalNon-fictionFictionCommunityDocu-Drama
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsBuildings Charities Education Food Leisure Time Activities Passenger Vehicles Piers Recreational Facilities Seaside Resorts Urban Areas Youth Youth Organizations
LocalSedlescombe Hastings
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDill Production
ProducerDill Production
Commissioning bodyPestalozzi International Village
FormatColour Sound
Duration17min. 53sec.
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An amateur film produced by staff and students at the Pestalozzi village Sedlescombe. The film covers aspects of life at the village and Hastings College, including daily routines, education and activities. The students talk about their experiences and take turns in providing a commentary to the film.


An opening title reads: "Pestalozzi Village". The film shows shots of Sedlescombe Sports Field. 'Philip' introduces the film, he states that its aim is to present what it is like at the Pestalozzi village. Shots of the Pestalozzi village and the students introduce themselves. Shots of frost on the ground, the students explain it is early morning and very cold. They are seen in the Swiss Hall making breakfast for themselves, the commentary provided by the students highlights a Napalese group sitting at a table. The students are seen walking to the bust stop. 'Philip' continues to ask the students questions about their day. Speeded-up shots of the bus approaching the bus stop in the village, the students are seen getting on the bus and then on the journey to Hastings College. The bus arrives at St. Leonards-on-Sea and the students make their way to college. The students explain the different classroom activities, which include a chemistry test, shots of the multimedia centre and students working at computers. Shots of the library are accompanied by the students talking about the use of books and the internet. The physics teacher is seen instructing his class and a boy is seen attempting an experiment. Shots of the art studio are accompanied by students explaining that the facility is useful for the 'CAS' [creativity, action, service] element of their International Baccalaureate qualification. They go onto talk about the food served in the canteen, accompanied by shots of people eating and lining up to be served. Shots of the computer suite whilst a student explains how she uses the facilities. Various shots follow of students learning practical skills, such as cooking, carpentry and bricklaying at the college. These are followed by shots of the gym and a student explaining the benefits of membership. In the salon, people are seen having their hair cut and styled by trainees and the students talk about how it's a good option for getting a cheap haircut as well as for 'CAS'. Other college buildings are seen, followed by the seafront, pier and shopping centre in Hastings. The film cuts to scenes of the students getting on the bus to make the return journey to the Pestalozzi village. Once back at the village, the students explain dinner time and they are seen lining up in the Swiss Hall waiting to be served a meal. The kitchen assistants serve the meals through a hatch and the students talk about the different types of food they have at the village. Shots of the students eating in the hall and then washing up afterwards. As they return to their rooms, they talk about sharing with other students, the size of their rooms and how they do their homework at this point in the day. Shots of an empty lounge with mismatching furniture. A student makes a phone call on a pay phone and another is seen on a computer. An aerial shot of the village is seen and a student describes the view and the different activities they can do on the site, this is accompanied by shots of students playing tennis and pool. 'Philip' announces that they have reached the end of the film.