Title ID 8257Collection ID799
TitleUK Today Programme on Pestalozzi
Date9 January 1997
KeywordsBuildings Charities Children Clothing Cultural Events Dance Education Festivals Rural Areas Villages Youth Youth Organizations National Dress
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionThe Central Office of Information
FormatColour Sound
Duration7min. 8sec.
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An episode of the UK Today television news programme which features the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe. The film includes footage of the Pestalozzi Festival of Culture and a number of interviews with staff and foreign representatives.


[UK Today opening sequence, including footage of the students at Pestalozzi, performing in an outdoor concert]. The Pestalozzi feature opens with shots of sheep grazing in the countryside and people walking through a field. Scenes of Pestalozzi children dancing and singing to traditional music as part of the Festival of Culture. The narrator introduces the Pestalozzi village accompanied with shots of the festival, including food being cooked and served. Shots of Sedlescombe village, including the village sign and green. Archive footage of children running down a grassy bank accompanies the narrator explaining why children come to live at the village. Title: "Migmar Tsering, Student"; Migmar talks about his experiences of village life as a student at Pestalozzi, followed by archive footage of more children. The foundation of Pestalozzi is discussed alongside shots of a small statuette of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Title: "Maurice Phillips, Director"; he discusses how the local schools and colleges work together to educate the children; classroom scenes from a local school. Shots of the children building a wall and soldering chipboards; the narrator explains how the children take part in activities such as these to develop practical skills. A group of boys play football; scenes of the village [sound of children singing] and children eating together in their national house; a boy prays at an alter. The film cuts to the festival where boys are dancing and singing. Titles: "A.R. Basu Cultural First Secretary, Indian High Commission", "Tseteb Samdup, Office of Tibet" and "Surya Prasad Shrestha, Ambassador, Royal Nepalese Embassy"; interviews discuss the integration of the children into village life and the benefits afforded to them. Shots of boys performing pop music and a man playing the bagpipes whilst the narrator discusses policy developments at Pestalozzi. Surya Prasad Shrestha, and other country representatives discuss the impact that the Pestalozzi students will have on the development of their countries. The film ends with a girl dancing to the sound of traditional music as Maurice Phillips talks about the need for tolerance and an appreciation of other cultures. [UK Today graphic].