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Title[Pestalozzi's Children]
KeywordsCeremonies Charities Children Communities Education Youth Youth Organizations National Dress
LocalSedlescombe Hastings
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAcross The Pond Productions, Inc
Commissioning bodyNational Geographic Channel
FormatColour Sound
Duration5min. 53sec.
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This documentary, produced for the National Geographic Channel, features the work of the Pestalozzi International Village Trust at Sedlescombe in East Sussex. Using a mixture of interviews with students, both past and present, and footage of the village life, the film explores the aims and impact of Pestalozzi in the UK and around the world.


The film opens with scenes of countryside and Sedlescombe village in East Sussex whilst the narrator introduces the Pestalozzi ideals; still of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and a history of his work and beliefs about educating children. The film is interspersed with interviews by a female teacher (?) and Pestalozzi students. Stills of the Pestalozzi village at Trogen, Switzerland and an explanation of its work with war orphans. Scenes of the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe, including students; a boy from Tibet / India talks about his home life and experience of Pestalozzi, accompanied by stills of his family and scenes of everyday life at the village. Another student, a girl from Zambia talks about the students who live in her house and relationships with other students. Students are seen on a bus and in class at Hastings College; they talk about their ambitions when and how they want to use the education they have received when they return home. Students are seen playing drums and singing in an attempt to share aspects of different cultures and local primary school children, who have been invited to the village perform a song and dance. The female teacher (?) and students talk about the importance of cross-cultural understanding, accompanied by scenes of the students taking part in religious ceremonies. The female teacher talks about the role of Pestalozzi in promoting international understanding and encouraging people to support the work of Pestalozzi. The film ends with a shot of two students walking along the driveway to the Pestalozzi village. [End credits].