Title ID 8241Collection ID799
TitleA Year in the Life of a Pestalozzi Student [Pestalozzi; Education Today for Tomorrow’s World]
DateMarch - April 2000
KeywordsCharities Education Outings Piers Schools Seaside Resorts Sport Youth Youth Organizations
LocalSedlescombe St Leonards-on-Sea Hastings London Cambridge Snowdonia National Park
RegionalEast Sussex Greater London Cambridgeshire Gwynedd
NationalEngland Wales United Kingdom
ProductionDill Productions
Commissioning bodyPestalozzi International Village Trust
FormatColour Sound
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An amateur film produced by students at the Pestalozzi village Sedlescombe as part of their video classes. The film covers aspects of life at the village, including daily routines, education, activities and outings. The students talk about their experiences and take turns in providing a commentary to the film. Their names are listed in the end credits.


The young people introduce themselves and talk about the purpose of the film. The first shots are of alarm clocks ringing in the young people's bedrooms. There is a view of the village with early morning mist. The young people talk about their morning routine as a member of day staff arrives on site. A night staff member knocks on bedroom doors to wake the young people up. A boy washes in the bathroom; breakfast is eaten in the Swiss Hall. A group of young people walk down the drive to the bus stop in Sedlescombe. They board the bus to Hastings College, on the journey they talk about catching the bus. At St Leonards they get off and walk to college, shots of the library and a Spanish class follow. A boy talks about receiving a scholarship. There are shots of Hastings seafront, beach, pier, statue of Queen Victoria and Priory Meadow shopping centre. The young people talk about shopping in Hastings. Shots of badminton and swimming follow. The young people explain how these are part of the 'CAS' programme - Creativity, Action and Service. The young people wait for the bus in Hastings. Shots of dinner time at the village; they queue up for their meals and wash up afterwards. Shots of after dinner activities - snooker and table tennis as well as Taekwondo and self defence lessons. The young people use the computers in the computer room and relax in their house before bedtime. Sign: "Pestalozzi children for a better world". The young people talk about weekend activities, there are shots of African girls hairdressing, a lake and a water pump. Brief shots of a football match between Sedlescombe and Pestalozzi teams. Shots from weekend trips to London and Cambridge, including the River Thames and Tower Bridge, Leicester Square, the Millennium Dome and punting on the River Cam at Cambridge. Shots from a weeks holiday to North Wales, walking in the Snowdonia National Park. Stills of the construction of a round house and brief shots of people singing. Shots of the young people taking part in dragon boat racing and watching Blind Date on television at the village. The films ends with aerial views of the village and a boy taking about his experiences of the video class. End credits, including the students who took part.