Title ID 8233Collection ID799
Title[Splash: Pestalozzi Rushes]
Date15 April 1988
Genre/TypeProfessionalTelevision companyNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsAnimals Charities Children Dance Farming Religious Activities Sport Youth Youth Organizations National Dress
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionThames Television
FormatColour Sound
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Unedited film footage recorded during the making of a film by Thames Television about the Pestalozzi International Children's Village at Sedlescombe, Sussex. The children are filmed as they recreate scenes from their normal routines at the village. The film director can be heard in the background giving instructions.


Children walk along a path at the Pestalozzi village talking about lessons and exams. Dark shots of the interior of a barn; the same children feed pigs. Clapper: "Splash". The children muck-out the pigs and collect eggs. Clapper: "Splash". Children bricklaying, a man calls out directions to the children, an instructor works alongside. Clapper: "Splash". A man instructs children how to look after sheep. Clapper: "Splash". Views of farm buildings. Clapper: "Splash". Children walking and chatting. Clapper: "Splash". Clapper: "Splash". Children prepare vegetables in a kitchen and cook a meal with the help of a housemother. Clapper: "Splash". Shots of a bedroom; a boy works at his desk, a clock ticks in the background. Girls sit on a bed reading letters. Shots of a Buddhist alter; children pray and sing. Clapper: "Splash". Children help with kitchen chores; a man directs instructions. Clapper: "Splash". A girl prays sitting in her bedroom before getting into bed. The girl reads a book. Title: "Reel 2". Clapper: "Splash". A housemother dries up crockery; children eat dinner, praying beforehand. Shots of a sunset. Clapper: "Splash". Shots of buildings; a boy opens curtains and looks out. Clapper: "Splash". A girl sweeps a carpet. Clapper: "Splash". A boy cleans a bathroom sink. Clapper: "Splash". Children at an alter praying. Clapper: "Splash". A boy packs books into a holdall. Clapper: "Splash". Shots of children walking outside. Clapper: "Splash". Children perform a national dance in national dress. Clapper: "Splash". A boy doing carpentry. Clapper: "Splash". A boy welding; shots of metalworking. Clapper: "Splash". Children walk past a sign: "Pestalozzi International Children's Village". Clapper: "Splash". Boys play football in the playground. Clapper: "Splash". Girls play on a swing. Clapper: "Splash". Landscape shots followed by shots of the village.