Title ID 8232Collection ID799
TitleGive As You Earn
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyInstitutionalNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
KeywordsCharities Children Companies
LocalSedlescombe Liverpool Swindon
RegionalEast Sussex Lancashire Wiltshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionTriangle Video
Commissioning bodyCharities Aid Foundation; Greenleaf Productions
FormatColour Sound
Duration7min. 15sec.
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A promotional film about 'Give As You Earn' - a government scheme allowing charity giving through payroll. The film has an emphasis on the work of the Pestalozzi Children's village at Sedlescombe, Sussex and includes interviews with employers and employees who use the scheme, as well as the warden at Pestalozzi about how the charity helps the developing world.


Titles: "Give As You Earn", "An introduction to a new way of giving to charity", "Presented by the Pestalozzi Children's Village". A soundtrack plays as the narrator explains about government legislation which allows charity giving through payroll deduction and how the scheme works. The commentary is intersected by brief interviews with members of the public about the scheme and shots of commuters on foot. Title: "Give As You Earn". The narrator explains about tax advantages of payroll deduction giving.

Shots of manual workers at the IMI Yorkshire copper tubing factory in Liverpool. Title: "David Hughes, Factory Manager" e talks about operating the scheme. Title: "Bobby Woods, the union member talks about the input of the union in establishing the scheme at IMI. Title: "John Murray, Shop Steward (TGWU)" he talks about giving to charity. Shots of office at Allied Dunbar Financial Services at Swindon. Title: "Joel Joffe, Joint Managing Director" he talks about encouraging staff to participate in voluntary activities. An office worker talks about the ease of giving to charity through payroll deduction.

After a repeat of the title: "Give As You Earn"; there are shots of children collecting water in a developing country. The narrator explains how people can help developing countries through 'Give As You Earn'. Shots of the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe. The narrator explains the principles of the Pestalozzi village; shots of children eating in their national house. Title: "Alan Hatter, Warden, Pestalozzi Children's Village". He talks about Pestalozzi's approach to helping developing countries.

Following a further repeat of the title: "Give As You Earn", the narrator explains how to set up a scheme; shots of workers in different settings. Title: "Charities Aid Foundation", the role of CAF is explained. The Pestalozzi address is given to write to for more information about 'Give As You Earn' or about the Pestalozzi Children's Village. End credits.