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Title[Children Like These: The Story of the Pestalozzi International Childrens Village Sedlescombe]
Date24 June 1986
KeywordsBuilding Construction Buildings Charities Children Communities Education Social Welfare Trades Youth Youth Organizations
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom Thailand
ProductionTriangle Video Production
Commissioning bodyThe Pestalozzi Childrens Village Trust
FormatColour Sound
Duration20min. 12sec.
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An promotional film commissioned by the Pestalozzi Children’s Village Trust. The film compares life in developing countries with the opportunities Pestalozzi children receive at Sedlescombe, Sussex. Ex-Pestalozzi students in Thailand are interviewed about how they are using their skills and expertise to help others in their own country.


Opening titles: "The Pestalozzi Childrens Village Trust Presents", "Children Like These" and "The Story of The Pestalozzi International Childrens Village Sedlescombe". The film opens with shots of adults and children in the developing world. The narrator highlights some of the problems faced by the developing world, such as malnutrition, disease and lack of water. The commentary goes on to state that problems can be overcome through education. Title: "Alan Hatter, Warden", he talks about the curriculum of Pestalozzi, their approach to development work, and the training the children receive. The film highlights the way the selection of children is carried out; shots of a woman in charge of selection talking to parents of Thai children who are now at the Pestalozzi village. Titles: "Benjawan", "Namgyal" & "Samsong", the children talk about how they plan to help the communities in their home countries when they return. The film now features the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe; shots of the village, including the various practical elements of the curriculum such as metalwork, farming and making charcoal. Title: "Yashpal", Yashpal talks about being able to make roof tiles at home in India; shots of a village house that was built by the children and a game of football. Title: "Jacky Pollock, Primary English Teacher", she talks about the behaviour of the children. Shots of children learning healthcare skills, Title: "Usance", she talks about her ambition of becoming a nurse and SEN training. Shots of children learning rural hygiene techniques. Title: "Bill Mountain, Deputy Warden", he talks about the skills the children learn at Pestalozzi and the ideals promoted by Johann Pestalozzi, accompanied by shots of children metalworking and bricklaying. The narrator talks about how children are arranged into houses which help to preserve their national identities and customs. Inside the Thai house, the Thai children teach the Tibetans a traditional Thai game. At the Tibetan house, they eat dinner and pray; shots of a meeting with the Deputy Warden and the housemothers. Shots of children in class at Claverham Community College. Title: "Chris Thompson, Headmaster", he talks about the positive contribution the Pestalozzi children make to the life of the school. Shots of a religious education class and children celebrating Diwali. A boy talks about the benefits of the Pestalozzi education. Title: "Jacky Pollock, Primary English Teacher"; she talks about the ambitions of the children, accompanied by shots of children and their families in their home countries. Scenes from a meeting of ex-Pestalozzi students in Bangkok, the narrator explains what each of the students is now doing. Title: "Nutwood"; explains how his Pestalozzi education has helped him to train others in agriculture in his country. An interview with another ex-Pestalozzi student highlights how she is equipping others through her role as a teacher to train poorer communities. Title: "Janwipa"; she explains how she is working with an organisation to help improve the health of poorer communities. Title: "Promess", he talks about his work on a palm oil plantation. The narrator explains how these ex-students are in the process of setting up the Thai Pestalozzi Association to support each other and train and educate children who are not selected to attend the Pestalozzi village. Title: "Nippon" explains the process the group is going through to form the association. The film ends with Bill Mountain talking about the future of the Pestalozzi village and its ambition of growth. The narrator talks about how the Pestalozzi children can help their communities in the developing world; shots of the developing world and children at the Pestalozzi village. The film ends with an appeal for financial help. [End credits].