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Title[Eversfield Hospital: outdoor activities; handicraft; visiting Bishop; outing to Litlington]
Date1954 - 1955
CollectionEversfield Hospital
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsEntertainment Handicrafts Health Services Hospitals Outings Passenger Vehicles Performing Arts Religious Activities Workers
LocalSt. Leonards-on-Sea Litlington
RegionalEast Sussex Hertfordshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWallace Heaton Ltd. [?]
FormatColour Silent
Duration23min. 1sec.
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A professionally made film with intertitles by Wallace Heaton Limited which features patients at Eversfield Hospital taking part in a number of activities such as reunions, outings and performances. The film also includes the visit of a colporteur from 'Spurgeon's Colportage Association' who is greeted by patients and staff.



“Eversfield 1954”. The film opens with shots of the hospital from the main road and the gardens. Patients are seen relaxing in the sun on the lawn; view of the seafront below the hospital grounds. A nurse bends down to stroke a cat and men are seen playing a game of golf on the lawn. A group of women leave the main building and gather on the lawn, they stand around chatting. Sign: "Handicrafts Eversfield 1954"; shots of handicrafts displayed on a table in the garden. Patients crowd around the table to look at the display; a man walks off with some paintings and other people hold items they have selected from the table. A man holds up a rug to the camera and patients can be seen on the balcony and peering out of windows; a man works on a cross-stitch pattern. Title: "Fresh air and relaxation, congenial company - pleasant surroundings"; shots of patients in the garden playing croquet, others sit in deck chairs watching and clapping.


"Colporteur visiting patients - always a welcome visitor"; shots of the colporteur, Mr Burt, arriving at the hospital carrying a case. He waves at the patients sitting outside and some of them wave back. Title: "The regular visits are welcomed by the Doctor in charge..."; the colporteur, carrying a case which reads: "Spurgeon's Colportage Association" is greeted by a doctor. Title: "...and even more by the patients"; the colporteur meets a young male patient in bed, they shake hands, the patient smiles broadly. They chat whilst the patient looks at books from the case. He leans back in bed to look at one of the books more closely. A group of men sit in the garden chatting, they wave to the colporteur as he passes by. He goes up to the men to speak to them; some of them pick books from his case and look at them enthusiastically. Title: "Healthy bodies must have healthy minds"; a doctor approaches the group and one of the the men pass him a book to look at, the doctor looks at it briefly before passing it back to the patient. The same doctor shows the colporteur upstairs to where some female patients are sitting on a balcony. They both chat with the women for a while; the doctor relieves a woman of a magazine. Title: "An opportunity to encourage more serious thinking"; the colporteur then passes her a book called "Missing the Tide". The film cuts to scenes of patients lining up outside to have their bibles signed by Bishop Palney [?] who is sitting at a table.


"Outing to Litlington Place"; shots of patients getting off a coach, they enter the house and garden to look around. Some sit in the garden whilst others wander around. The group pose for a photograph. A man and a woman shake their hands as the leave.


"July 1955 Re-union of ex-patients"; shots of people gathered on the edge of the road outside the hospital. They congregate in the grounds of the hospital and are seen wandering around the site and sitting at tables on the lawn. A large tent has been put up on the lawn and those present can be seen eating and drinking at tables. The nurses are seen joining in with the conversations.

[1:19:29'08] Inside, a banner reads "Christmas Greetings"; the patients perform scenes as part of the Christmas concert. Those performing hold a banner which reads: "Eversfield", above them on stage is a larger banner which reads: "Maybe it's because we're at Eversfield we like St. Leonards by the sea. Maybe it's because we're at Eversfield that we're all happy now as you will agree. The nurses and the patients are side by side, in fact we're quite a crowd. That is why we all here at Eversfield are happy - Yes! and proud."