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Title[Eastbourne Lifeboat Day; Dance Performance; Folkington Meet at Glenthorne Manor; The Prince of Wales Visit; Horse Riding; Hunt]
Date1930, 1931, 1932
ThemeSeaside Commemoration
KeywordsBoats Animals Beaches Celebrations Domestic Gardens Dance Men Motor Vehicles Performing Arts Royalty Hunting
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMichael Holland (Glenthorne Estate)
DirectorDonald Signa Mackay
ParticipantsPrince of Wales
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration19 min. 30 sec.
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Scenes of Eastbourne in the 1930s, including Lifeboat Day, Folkington Meet and a visit from the Prince of Wales, by Michael Holland.


A lifeboat is seen off shore. Spectators watch from the beach. The lifeboat nears the beach and crew jump off. Onlookers gather by the water's edge.

"Lifeboat day. August 3rd 1929." Again, a lifeboat, this time with a sail, nears the shore. The boom is lowered. A marching band parade along the sea front, followed by a tractor, which pulls the lifeboat past onlookers. A great number of men pull the lifeboat into the water (this footage is poor quality but scene is visible). A group of suited men and one woman stand outside the front of a house. They take off their hats and one man is seen speaking to a crowd in the garden below. Young girls perform a dance in bonnets and white dresses. The audience watches from a grass verge. Performances continue, involving skipping with hoops. Older girls perform a dance in fancy dresses.

Folkington Meet 1930. A group of foxhounds is seen outside a flint-built manor house. Men, motorcars and horses have assembled. Women and children wait on the steps. Two men with cameras take a picture of the movie camera operator. The men on horseback in riding gear leave the house with the dogs. Children are seen inside with their mothers, watching an unseen Punch and Judy performance. Staff stand behind, also watching the performance.

"The Prince's Visit, 1931". (Footage is shaky). Crowds gather on the beach. A lifeboat is plunged into the sea from a wooden jetty. The Prince of Wales and mayoral dignitaries are seen. Cars and official passengers drive through the crowds. The Prince is seen under a wooden canopy. He is shown the hospital, shaking the hand of a nurse at the entrance. Onlookers wave as he returns to his car. On an airfield, a light aircraft prepares to take off. "Eastbourne Feb. 20 193?" Three riders are seen briefly.