Title ID 8174Collection ID1093
TitleTour of Devon and Cornwall
Date[ca. 1930 ?]
CollectionBognor Regis Film Society / Guermonprez
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeLeisure Working Life
KeywordsBoats Bridges Cars Cultural Heritage Ferries Landscape Men Motor Vehicles Nature Reserves Piers Quays Railways Religious Buildings Rivers Roads Rural Areas Sea Fishing Ships Shops Urban Areas
LocalMadron Lands End Lynton Porlock Dartmoor Exmoor Postbridge Exeter Dawlish Plymouth Bodmin Penzance Newlyn
RegionalCornwall Devon Somerset
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHarry Guermonprez
CameraHarry Guermonprez (?)
EditorHarry Guermonprez
ParticipantsTed [Edward] Cleeves; Harry Guermonprez [?]
FormatBlack & White Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This extended intertitled travelogue shows a group tour through the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset visiting many noted landmarks that includes the Madron Wishing Well and Chapel, standing stones of the Mên-an-Tol, the coast at Lands End with the "First and Last House" and the Daily Mail sign; Exeter; St Ives; the town of Clovelly in Devon; the moorlands of Dartmoor and Exmoor; the seaside towns of Penzance, Dawlish, Plymouth and Newlyn.


This Intertitled compilation shows Madron Wishing Well and Chapel, the coast at Madron [title reads: Rocks near Maldern] with a man climbing up the granite rocks perched on the edge of the cliff; visit to the megalith stones of Lanyon Quoit, Madron with a man climbing over the cap stone; being filmed capturing scenes on his camera of the smaller standing stones of the Mên-an-Tol, the coast at Lands End with the "First and Last House", and the Daily Mail sign.

The next scene shows the fishing village of St Ives, with the lighthouse boats in the harbour and several fishermen standing on the dockside. Another sits in a boat with a long spear gun and rope; followed by views of narrow cobbled streets.

The film-maker visits the historic village of Clovelly, Devon with views up Steep Hill, New Inn, the harbour with fishing vessels and a donkey burdened with a load.

"A village Devon: Lynton and Lynmouth Hill..." followed by views of several cars [NP 1141 and BP 9443] on a track road and a river running through Lynton. Views follow of the mountainous coastal landscape at "Porlock" in Somerset, followed by views of Exmoor with a heard of ponies grazing the land.

Intertitle: "Ponies on Dartmoor"; a man standing on the stone bridge at Postbridge and the adjacent Clapper Bridge, Dartmoor. Intertitle: "Bridges" that includes views of the a Viaduct and rural countryside views. A signpost points to "Ding-Dong Mine", "Madron & Penzance", "Lanyon Morvah" and "Gurnard's Head followed by shots of a man driving on a rural road and trying to crank the cars engine with a hand-crank, closing with a portrait shot of a man walking on a dry-stone wall.

Just a few frames each of two intertitles: "Cloveley"; Intertitle: "The New Forrest" [sic].

An empty sequence is followed by shaky and damaged shots of a stone archway with a standing stone lion; shaky shots of a palladian style stone gateway with a stone lion mounted on the top. In Exeter, views follow of a medieval stone bridge, several factories and buildings lining a river bank, views of the Edwardian Exe Bridge with tram-rails and gothic style street-lighting; exterior views of Exeter cathedral with rose window and exterior of Exeter Guildhall with street traffic.

Intertitle: "Dawlish" with a steam train approaching on a railway bridge; a fishing harbour with boats moored on a bank and views of the coastline from a cliff top, returning to a steam train passing under a footbridge with views of the coast.

Intertitle: Plymouth. With views of a pier [?] and ships in dock [?]. Intertitle: "We crossed Plymouth Ferry" with views of several cars disembarking from a ferry slipway. Intertitle: Bodmin China Clay Mines" [Glynn Valley?] with views of an industrial landscape chimney stack and several houses. Several shots of the China clay quarry pits and metal lifting towers [?]. Intertitle: The Lizard" showing the rocky coastal landscape at Lizard point and a man exploring the caves of Kynance Cove. Intertitle: St Michael Mount" followed by views of the island from the mainland. Intertitle:"Penzance" with three men walking through a street and on a rocky beach. Intertitle:"Palm Gardens" [Morrab Gardens?] with a man, walking on a path surrounded by subtropical palms lined with park benches. Intertitle:"Jew Street Market" with views of several shops with cloth awnings and cars parked on the street. Intertitle:"A typical Street to The Harbour". A narrow street with two children playing with a broom and a hula-hoop, followed by views of a harbour and the coast. Intertitle: "Harbour" with views on a stone pontoon of the ship Dagfrid coming in to dock. Intertitle: "Getting a Rope ashore" with a two-man rowboat being thrown a line from the vessel and the Dagfrid getting very close to impacting a second ship. Views of Newlyn Harbour dockyard with several tall ships [?] and cargo being unloaded. Intertitle: "Newlyn Harbour" with Men offloading baskets of fresh fish, barrels of a stag branded produce imported from Genoa [casks of alcohol?] line the harbour. Intertitle: "Captain Pussy" a cat sits on a wooden beam over a ship's deck as a man bends to pet the cat [?]; views of a flock of gulls on the rocky beach. Intertitle: "Skinning Fish" a man stands next to a wall skinning fish. The final part with an intertitle: "Harbour" shows panoramic views of several small fishing vessels lining the harbour to.