Title ID 8130Collection ID1090
Title[Traction engine with Cultivator; Lambs; Foals]
CollectionArrowsmith Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life Working Life Family Life
KeywordsAnimals Children Farming Men Industry Passenger Vehicles Workers
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionKathleen Arrowsmith
CameraKathleen Arrowsmith
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This colour film features several men working the land on a farm, clearing it before cultivating it with machinery. Several flywheel traction engines are used to tow a cultivator or tiller to turn the soil. The second film features family scenes ending with shots of sheep with their lambs and horses with foals.


This film opens with several men working on the land. A small fire is being used to burn old plant material removed from the field. A large flywheel traction engine hauls a long trailer followed by shots of a second flywheel traction engine being manoeuvred past the other. A view of a stationary cultivator or tiller machine is viewed as the engines pass through the shot. Men ride on both the back of a trailer being pulled by a caterpillar tractor and on a cultivator as it is being towed by a flywheel traction engine

The next section provides highlights of the types of livestock kept on the farm, opening with sheep in a pen with their new-born lambs.

The final sequence features a toddler playing with a farm cat and west highland terrier dog in a garden, followed by mixed shots of mares and foals being led around on a head-collar and lead-rein.


A Still from [Traction engine with Cultivator; Lambs; Foals] (1938)