Title ID 8127Collection ID1090
Title[Horses; Mechanised Farming]
CollectionArrowsmith Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life Working Life
KeywordsFarming Food Industry Men Motor Vehicles Rural Areas
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionKathleen Arrowsmith
CameraKathleen Arrowsmith
Format16mm Colour Silent
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These short colour scenes feature the Arrowsmith family loading their horses into a horse box, men working on the farm, felling trees and working the land using a Fowler Gyrotiller crawler tractor to prepare the land. The final scene is of several men manually harvesting sugarbeet or turnips and loading the produce on to horse drawn carts.


The film opens with the Arrowsmith family leading a group of horses from the farm into a field. Children stand around a working flywheel/belt driven traction engine attached to a wooden mobile vehicle bagging grain (?). The engine is next to a straw stack or hayrick, whilst a horse tethered to a cart waits for the sacks to be loaded onto the cart.

In a field, a Fowler Gyrotiller tractor with caterpillar treads (CUG-153) moves slowly churning over the ground using large rotary blades at the rear. The tractor drives through a patch of bushy shrubs taking them out of the ground with ease.

The next sequence opens with a man moving sugarbeet or turnips that have rolled out of a very large mound next to the field. Several carts are full with sugarbeet or turnips, as a horse and cart move over to the large pile to be off loaded. The last shot is of a man forking up a pile of the crop into the back of his cart.


A still from [Horses; Mechanised Farming]  (1937)