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TitleBBC Radio Brighton: Christmas at Pestalozzi
Date18 December, 1972
Genre/TypeProfessionalTelevision companyInstitutionalNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsBroadcasting Charities Children Christmas Music Youth Youth Organizations
LocalSedlescombe Battle
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBBC Radio Brighton
ProducerJames Parr
NarratorJames Parr
Duration19min. 55sec.
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A BBC Radio Brighton edition of 'Sussex Scene' from 1972. The presenter, James Parr, visits the village to explore how the Pestalozzi children celebrate Christmas at the village.


The audio soundtrack begins with an introduction by Errol Christie from Pestalozzi, stating that the recording is from BBC Radio Brighton, etc. The actual programme starts with music and singing by Thai children(?). The presenter introduces the Pestalozzi village and interviews Errol Christie who gives an introduction to the Pestalozzi philosophy [sound of tractor in background]. He states that the village provides education for the children and he points out a new house built by the children to accommodate 12, plus students who are currently away being educated at university. He goes on to say that the children usually arrive at the ages of 11-13 and leave when they are somewhere between 18-22 years old, depending on what qualifications they do. They live in separate houses with a common room in the middle, which they share with another nationality. The children are educated off site at the local schools. Although Christmas is a religious festival, and not all of the children are Christian, they all like to party regardless of their religion. A dance troop practices and music can be heard coming from the gym. The presenter explains what's happening in the gym, that the children are practicing and preparing for the dance performance. He interviews a child who talks about the 'Dance of happiness' from W. Africa and asks the child how Christmas is celebrated in Nigeria. Music plays before the presenter interviews a child from India, who has never celebrated Christmas before. He talks about how they celebrate Divali instead. The presenter then goes on to talk to a Vietnamese girl in the common room. The girl doesn't know what she'll do when she leaves the village. She talks about how as a Catholic she celebrated Christmas in her home country by going to church. She looks forward to presents at Christmas. A boy from Thailand talks about the parties and dancing. Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand, but he enjoys the Christmas dinner, parties and Father Christmas. He talks about why he has come to Pestalozzi and the area where he lives in Thailand, near Bangkok. Another small girl from Thailand is interviewed. She didn't now about Christmas before coming to Pestalozzi, but celebrated New Year. She joins in with giving and receiving gifts but doesn't go to church. The presenter visits the Arab house, where the house mother from Jordan talks to the presenter. She talks about the children from her house. and how the children go to local schools at Battle, Rye and Bexhill. She says they get on well with each other, despite being Muslim and Christian. The presenter interviews 'Raymond' about the differences of celebrating Christmas in Jerusalem and Pestalozzi. He talks about the integration of the children and learning crafts. The presenter sums up the spirit of Christmas being present at Pestalozzi all year long. He concludes by talking to boys from Tibet about how they celebrate Christmas - they go to a family in Brighton and celebrate with them there. The programme concludes with a Thai song and performance and Errol Christie reading a poem.