Title ID 8079Collection ID1088
Title[Ashdown Forest; Chessington Zoo; East Court at East Grinstead]
Date1966; 1968
CollectionWilliams Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsCars Children Family Fathers Food Games Leisure Time Activities Outings Zoological Gardens
LocalAshdown Forest East Grinstead
RegionalWest Sussex Greater London
NationalUnited Kingdom England
ProductionPeter Williams
CameraPeter Williams; Mary Williams
ParticipantsPeter Williams (father)
FormatColour Silent
Duration11 min. 0 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A compilation of scenes that include a family picnic in Ashdown Forest and a trip to London Zoo.


Mr Williams is seen packing the boot of the Williams' white family car with bags for a picnic. Mrs Williams and her daughter Ruth are seen in the car. They drive away from the house, with Jill running after them. The car stops and Jill climbs into the boot, closing it only part way. The car then drives off round the corner. The film cuts to Mr Williams walking through trees and ferns at Ashdown Forest carrying a picnic basket and chairs. There is a shot of the picnic table laid neatly with place mats and cutlery. Mr Williams helps Jill climb a tree and he is also seen playing with the family dog. Back at the picnic table, Mrs Williams serves some more food. The girls are seen climbing inside the car, which is parked on a grass verge. Mr Williams drives out of shot with them, and they wave at the camera.

The next section of the film begins with the entrance sign for Chessington Zoo. The Williams' sisters are seen in the ticket queue. There are shots inside the zoo of lions, a polar bear, a beaver and elephants. Ruth feeds a giraffe, and there are also flamingos and sea lion. Ruth and Jill are seen watching a Punch and Judy show.

At East Court gardens in East Grinstead, Jill and Ruth are seen playing with another girl around their age. They climb walls in the garden and skip on the grass. The three girls are seen playing with plastic toy boats in a paddling pool, and with a ball on some steps and under a hedge. They are joined in their games with some other children. There is a brief shot of a helicopter flying overhead.

At a playground the girls are seen playing on a seesaw and some swings. In a garden, they hold up three pieces of cardboard to the camera, which read 'FUN' 'AND' 'GAMES'. Both girls perform several roly-poly's, the last of which with a word taped to each of their bottoms, which when they roly-poly away from the camera read 'THE' 'END'.