Title ID 8052Collection ID1081
Title[Aruncraft Antique Furniture Restoration Workshop]
Date[ca. 1983 - 1984]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent Artist/Film-makerNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWorking Life
KeywordsBuildings Interiors Trades Workers
LocalBurpham Arundel
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBill Gine
CameraBill Gine
FormatColour Silent
Duration24 min. 29 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Scenes filmed at an antique furniture restoration workshop in Arundel and a grand manor house that displays restored pieces by Bill Gine in the 1980s.


"A Kind of Surgery", the title of a book or leaflet, is seen. A road sign reads Burpham. "Aruncraft Antique Furniture Restoration Workshop" can be read on the side of a van. A man with a pipe stands by a car. A sundial can be seen on the side of a large outbuilding. A chair in need of restoration is held up for the camera by a woman in the workshop. Rotten wood is stripped away and replaced. An ornate chair in dark wood is seen. A man uses a plane on a piece set into a clamp at a work bench. A woman polishes a table and a square desk mirror. Scenes of the workshop's store follow. Stacks of separate pieces, table legs and mirrors are seen. A cabinet is seen in the workshop, dusty and in need of restoration. The same cabinet is subsequently shown in a domestic interior, fully restored and in use. G clamps hang in the workshop. Files and planes are also seen. A man uses a chisel to split open a piece of wood. A restored chair with new fabric covering is seen. A writing desk, decorated with colourful patterns is restored by a woman. She files along the split in the back of the desk, filing the fault with a new section of wood. Another woman paints on laquer and polishes a piece. A man fixes a chest of draws with long clamps. He inserts new sections of wood into a split along the base of a drawer. A blue chest contains saws and tools, clamps and planes. A man takes some of the tools out to show the camera. Table restoration is under way. A man sharpens a tool on a circular grinder. A large cabinet waiting restoration is seen from multiple angles. A grand house is seen from the grounds. Grand paintings, ornaments, furniture, plinths, and wall decorations are housed within. A glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling and chests, cabinets and ornate tables are displayed inside. An ornate desk is restored in the workshop. The desk is inlayed with ornamental patterns, requiring precise methods of restoration. The old inlay is removed and new pieces are inserted. New pieces are knocked into the desk using a small hammer. Thin slats of wood and small G clamps fix the area. The finished writing desk is seen. Silver has been inlayed into red wood and laquered black wood is decorated with gold ornament. Views of a sky at sunset close the film. "A Kind of Surgery" is seen again.

Contextual information

Aruncraft Antique Furniture Restoration Workshop opened in 1970, continuing to restore furniture and train restorers until 1984.

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