Title ID 8014Collection ID1068
Title[Swimming; Croquet; Target Golf]
Date[ca. 1962]
CollectionLambert Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsSwimming Domestic Gardens Play Ferries Travel Winter Summer
LocalBurnham Beaches
RegionalSurrey Buckinghamshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionMr. Lambert
FormatColour Silent
Duration18 min. 55 sec.
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Lambert family visits in the summer, a trip abroad and snow scenes from the early 1960s.


Summer. The Lambert children dive and swim in a garden pool. Adults sit on a bench, smoking and talking. Two young men play croquet on the lawn. A woman walks her Corgi dog. One of the young men hits golf balls at a target. A woman followed by a man tries but they both miss repeatedly.

"Our Visit Abroad" - animated titles. Passengers get on a ferry at a dock. Cliffs and other ferries are seen from the ship as it sets sail. The ferry arrives in France. A tall Cathedral is seen. Footage taken from the passenger eat of a car follows. The bus drives along an avenue flanked by tall trees. Cafes, cars, roads and a building sight is seen.

The Lambert children dance in fancy dress in a living room. It is snowing outside. The exterior of a house is shown, its garden covered in snow. Two Lambert girls are in a garden in summer, amongst lush flower beds. An old woman sits on the steps to her house in a deck chair.

Sign to Burnham Beeches. Footage of roads, lanes and woods. Interior scenes follow. A woman stands in the doorway to her house, smiling at the camera. A man tends to the chicken coup. A family mows their lawns. A woman bosses her husband around the garden. Two young girls stand on the steps together and run around the lawn.