Title ID 8008Collection ID1068
Title[Family Album I: Midsummer Fair at Grayshott; Picnic; Visit to Friends; Lindford Summer; Boat Trip to Windsor; Brighton Seaside]
Date[ca.1959 - 1960]
CollectionLambert Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBeaches Children Domestic Gardens Family Outings Games Play Piers [West Pier, Brighton] Leisure Time Activities Performing Arts Dance Seaside Resorts Fancy dress Beachwear
LocalGrayshott Hindhead Lindford Petersfield Brighton
RegionalBrighton and Hove Surrey Hampshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Lambert
FormatColour Silent
Duration29 min. 33 sec.
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The Lambert family visit friends, dance and play in the garden, and make an outing to Brighton beach.


A young girl in a blue dress and white ribbon dances in the Lambert family sitting room. Children play in a garden. Two children play together in front of an Anderson shelter [?]. A girl dances with a tambourine in the garden. Two boys on big tricycles veer up and down a lane. At the beach, the family eat ice creams in front of a wind breaker. The children build a sandcastle and splash around in the shallows. Two ride a merry-go-round (dark). The camera approaches a caravan park, following the rest of the family. A man sits inside a caravan, and other members of the family enter. Then man plays the guitar and a woman sings.

In the Lamberts' garden, family members walk and talk to each other, inspecting the flower beds. A young girl swings from a tree. The children are seen in a field of wild flowers. Two older girls wearing full green skirts dance in the garden, holding flowers. Three young girls in summer dresses pretend to play instruments with kitchen equipment.

In town they take a boat along the river to Windsor. The camera spins around a wood. The children perform another dance in a clearing. They all sit on the bow of a tree together. Once of the children has found a butterfly on a flower. The girl runs up to her mother in a deck chair. Mrs. Lambert sings and dances for the camera in a summer dress in the garden.

On the Brighton sea front, the family go to the promenade. Passers by are filmed, walking in front of the West Pier. The long paddling pool under the promenade is seen. The children are seen splashing around and eating ice cream. Boats and families litter the beach, and some swim in the breakers. Scenes of the South Laine follow. The family visit the Pavilion Gardens and the Pavilion, where there is a Regency Exhibition. The sky at sunset follows.

The two young girls dance in the garden again. Two older men and one woman stand on the steps of a house smiling broadly. Further footage of the garden follows. The children are seen walking down a country lane. One of the older girls performs a ballet in a lilac tutu in the garden. Four women stand in a garden together. The boys scrap and play fight. One of the girls performs a routine on a ladder while another holds it still. The children are seen walking with their grandfather. A woman performs a highland jig for the children, dressed in a kilt and red dancing shoes.