Title ID 7949Collection ID920
Date1986 - 1988
CollectionWoking Film Makers
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionDrama
ThemeCine Club Film-Making Urban Life
KeywordsTheatre Play Women
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWoking Film Makers Club
CameraWoking Film Makers Club
DirectorH. J. Cant
ProducerWoking Film Makers Club
CastPeter Dawson; Shirley Dubbins; Samantha Chappell; Laura Nicholls; Clare Palmer; Melanie Sims
Other credits(Story by) Bridget Burn; (Idea by) Maragaret Cant
FormatColour Sound
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This short drama shows several young women taking their turn at auditioning for a part at a local theatre, with opening and closing instrumental music.


This short fiction drama opens with a series of titles: Woking Film Makers invite you to... Audition with Peter Dawson, Shirley Dubbins, Samantha Chappell, Laura Nicholls, Clare Palmer, Melanie Sims...'

Two young women are applying make-up before their theatre audition by a new director. The two girls arrive at the audition room and sit and wait in reception for their turn. Samantha takes her turn, but the director seems unimpressed. Clare goes in, and performs the piece but the girls leave disappointed. A sequence of shots follow to show a recap of the previous auditionees and the casting director and director not being happy with the quality of performances. The receptionist wearing a blonde wig takes her turn to audition and gets the part. The end.