Title ID 7947Collection ID920
Title[Woking Film Makers: Scraps]
Date1979 - 1982
CollectionWoking Film Makers
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionDrama
ThemeCine Club Film-Making
KeywordsFilm Making Dance Performing Arts Health Services
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWoking Cine Club
CameraWoking Cine Club
FormatColour Sound
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A compilation of unfinished films, off cuts and test frames as produced by the Woking Cine Club between 1979 and 1982. The films have some instrumental music but are unfinished so contain continuos film tone in places or is mute.


Calendar showing: Sat 7th July 1979. Scenes of an older man sat in the living room reading whilst his wife watches him from the door. The man goes out in his car. The woman watches him from the front room window. She herself then follows him. The man is next seen walking towards a parade of shops. The woman follows closely behind. The older man takes a walk through some woods whilst reading the paper but he is abducted by a group of men and bundled into a car. The woman pulls up next to the mans car and goes in search for him. Meanwhile the older man finds himself locked in a room. The film ends mid scene and has been partially edited.

The next sequence shows a compilation clips of dancers rehearsing a group routine in a large dance studio.

The expert. This short film shows a trio of older men working at typewriters in a room.

The next sequence shows the living room of a house, where a man sits smoking a cigarette and drinking tea, meanwhile a woman leaves a Doctors office as the doctor escorts her to the door so he can smoke a cigarette. The name plate on his door reads 'Dr Nick O'Teen MD

A test line up chart reads: Test 8 August 1982 frame alignment corners of frame as seen in viewfinder.

Brief view of a pale yellow Woking Cine Club film title ends the compilation.