Title ID 7945Collection ID920
TitleIt Takes a Woman
CollectionWoking Film Makers
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionComedy
ThemeCine Club Film-making Family life
KeywordsAccidents Cars Houses Men Shops Women
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWoking Cine Club
CameraGeorge Pellatt; Derek Odell
DirectorJohn Boice
ProducerWoking Cine Club
WriterShirley Rowe
SoundJohn Myall
CastDouglas Jelley (George); Margaret Cant (Mavis)
FormatColour Sound
Duration8 min. 30 sec.
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George cleans the wrong car, misses the football match, and gets accused of being "behind the times" by his wife Mavis. The storyline portrays George as hapless and downtrodden, and Mavis as a 'nagging' wife in this film produced in 1983 by Woking Cine Club.


George sits on the patio, but he could be cleaning the car. "George, you should clean the car!" his wife shouts from the kitchen window. She leaves the house to go shopping in the muddy car while George reclines in the sun.

A salesman [?] arrives and knocks on a neighbour's door, having pulled up to the pavement in an identical muddy white car (different number plates show us they are two different cars). George approaches the car, mistaken for his own, with a bucket of soapy water. He begins to wash the car while his wife Mavis is out shopping. George goes to fetch a dry cloth, returning to find an ice cream stuck to the bonnet. He cleans the ice cream off the car, to return to find eggs smashed all over the front. George says: "Curse it, I'll miss kick off now!" but continues to clean the car.

The salesman returns to his newly cleaned car and drives off rather confused. Mavis arrives home in the muddy car, saying to her husband; "Don't bother, I'll clean the car myself". "I've cleaned it already!," George protests. But when he gets to the car it is still covered in mud and dirt. "Use the car wash!," she exclaims. "Yes dear," he says rather forlorn. The End.


It Takes a Woman (1983)

Contextual information

The Woking Cine Club changed its name to Woking Film Makers in 1984.

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See [Double Take; Off Cuts] for titles, outakes, offcuts, test footage and edits for It Takes a Woman, with a working title: "Double Take". This film was produced by the Woking Cine Club in 1983 before the club was renamed Woking Film Makers in 1984. Included in the offcuts is footage of club members and children on location, cleaning the car and operating camera and sound equipment, and standing with the clapper board.

The film was entered into the North vs. South Competition. Surrey History Centre holds a shooting script and sound film cue sheets for the film.