Title ID 7942Collection ID920
TitleA Toy for Wendy
Date[ca. 1972]
CollectionWoking Film Makers
Genre/TypeProfessionalCine/Video clubNon-fictionEducational/Training
ThemeCine Club Film-making Leisure
KeywordsAnimals Children Handicrafts Interiors Women
LocalWoking Mayford
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWoking Film Unit
CameraHenry Chant
DirectorAlfred Holden
SoundCyril Warmington
ParticipantsMoira; Irene; Margaret
FormatColour Sound
Duration6 min 55 sec.
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This instructional video shows members of the Mayford Women's Institute demonstrating how to make a soft toy elephant, produced by Woking Film Unit in the early 1970s.


Members of the Mayford Women's Institute demonstrate the art of soft toy making, made to appeal to the adult, teenage girl and young child. The materials and tools are assembled. The women bring fabric, double thread for sewing, sewing needles and a toy needle. Kapok gives the toys shape and bulk. Another member describes the use of Vilene and fleece on the table for the toy's ears. Embroidery silk is used to make the tassels, pinking sheers and scissors, dowel for the stuffing and pen for marking out.

The pattern is laid out on the material, which is laid face down on the cutting table. Arrows on the pattern indicate the run of the pile. The pieces are drawn out on the back of the fleece fabric with a biro. A woman cuts out the pieces with sharp pointed scissors. Marks indicate where the pieces should be lined up. The eye is inserted and the locking washer fixed firmly at the back. The marks are lined up carefully and the edges pinned to make sewing quicker, easier and neater. A woman begins to sew up the toy. Irene has brought one almost completely sewn up, it is inside out and must be turned so the soft surface is outside and the sewn seems are hidden. A marking thread is used to show where the ears need to be attached. Margaret starts the filling operation. The ears, tale and trim are attached. The finished toy is seen perched on the cutting table and held by a women. The End.