Title ID 7939Collection ID920
TitleA Matter of Convenience
Date[ca. 1965]
CollectionWoking Film Makers
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionSpoof
ThemeCine Club Film-making Leisure
KeywordsAccidents Cars Family Clubs Film Making Workers Performing Arts
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWoking Cine Club
CameraKen Bolton
DirectorPhil [?]
LightingHenry Chant
SoundPhil Mayer [?]
CastCyril Warren (Husband); Evelyn Warren (The Wife); Roy Warren (The Son); Jill Foster-Pegg (Girl in Car); Pauline Green (Actress); Dick Jeffery (Policeman); Roger Allen (Policeman);
ParticipantsMembers of Woking Cine Club
FormatColour Sound
Duration11 min. 50 sec.
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A man searching for somewhere to go to the toilet thinks he has stumbled upon a crime scene on a secluded rural country lane, in this Woking Cine Club fiction production from the mid 1960s. Upon seeking help from the police, it is revealed to be a Woking Cine Club film drama, not a genuine crime.


The film opens at breakfast and follows a man as he tries door to the bathroom but finds it is locked. He rushes out, putting his hat and coat on. His wife waves him off at the front door and he walks to the garage, and drives off.

The credits roll over footage shot from inside the car as it drives through Woking [?]. An intertitle reads: "Woking cine club presents... A Matter of Convenience."

The car pulls over and the man runs across the road to a public toilet, but a workman carries out a broken toilet bowl so he must find somewhere else to go. He returns to his car and drives away, stopping in a lane, but a woman in a headscarf has pulled up behind. "Can I help you?" she asks. "No, it's alright... thanks... I'm just going," he replies.

He pulls out a cigarette and lights it. She adjusts her makeup and hair. Again, he must find somewhere else and drives off. The man then finds a level crossing blocking his way. He appears to consider relieving himself in his bowler hat in the car as a dog cocks his leg by a tree, but he sees the woman in the car behind. He lights a cigarette while waiting for the barrier to lift.

He finds another secluded country lane in which to relieve himself amongst the bushes by a railway line, where he sees what appears to be a dead young woman covered in blood. He flees on foot to the police station, seeing the woman's face [superimposed] on the road in front of him. He reaches the police station, from which two policemen drive him back to the lane. He leads them to the trees: "It's just along here... she's gone! She was here, I'm certain of it!" "I think you're taking us for a ride," says one policeman.

The three men then approach a group of men and women by the trees. One of them is the girl he saw lying on the ground. The camera pulls out to a sign reading: "Woking Cine Club filming in progress." The End.