Title ID 785Collection ID175
Title[Golf; Jubilee; Coronation; model farming]
Date1934; 1935; 1937
KeywordsCommemorative Events Coronations Farming Parades Sport
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr Hawson
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration10min. 57sec.
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A black and white amateur film featuring a variety of scenes from the Folkestone area. The majority of the footage is of a parade marking the coronation of George VI; there are also shorter scenes of the King George V Silver Jubilee parade.


The film opens with shots of men playing a game of golf. The film cuts to a parade to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V; smartly dressed men are marching through streets, led by policemen. Aldermen, the mayor and other officials are also part of the parade; children run alongside. Shots of a shop frontage on Guildhall Street, signs read: "Seymour Harrison" & "Kodak"; the front of the shop building is decorated with flags. Dark and grainy shots follow of another parade, which includes decorated floats; bunting is hanging in the streets. The film cuts to a man leaving a house; shots of the house from the street. The man walks across a field. Shots of the street parade marking the coronation of George VI, with a marching band; a large crowd is assembled to watch the floats. The film cuts to a shot of a farmhouse and the surrounding countryside; interior shots of a cow shed. Women in the garden wave towards the camera; a man walks along a path surrounded by undergrowth. Brief shots of a group of people sitting in the garden of the house; a toddler plays with a small ball. Shots of the farm buildings; women walk through a field. The film cuts to a street scene; snow lays on the ground. Shot of a steam train arriving at a station, followed by a man walking around a formal garden. The film ends with a very brief shot of the steam train pulling away.