Title ID 7842Collection ID1036
Date[ca. 1969]
KeywordsBeaches Boats Bridges Buildings Harbours Holidays Landscape Memorials Monuments Passenger Vehicles Religious Buildings Rivers Roads Shopping Tourism Transport
NationalFrance Portugal Spain Europe
ProductionHorace Sheppard
CameraHorace Sheppard
ParticipantsHorace Sheppard Dorothy Sheppard (wife)
FormatColour Silent
Duration23 min. 41 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A holiday film made by Mr Horace Sheppard to document a coach trip to Portugal via France and Spain. Mr Sheppard was travelling with his wife Dorothy. He films the passing towns and scenery through the window of the coach, as well as sights the group stop and visit during their trip.


The film opens with a view of the interior of a holiday coach, looking down the isle at the passengers on board. Mr Sheppard films through the front and side windows of the coach as they drive through France, over a bridge and pass road signs to Paris. There are further shots of the interior of the bus, including the driver. Through the windows we see streets and churches as well as fields and bridges. There are later shots of the sea and a waterfront. Now in high mountains, the camera focusses on a road sign for Navarre, a region in Northern Spain. Mr Sheppard films several large advertising placards on the roadside, including adverts for Michelin and Veterano, a Spanish brandy. The tour group leave the bus to look at statues located on the side of a mountain. Dorothy Sheppard is seen picking wild flowers, and standing on steps by a statue with other members of the group. Back onboard the coach we see shots of the passing landscape, now somewhat drier and more rugged, passing through mountains, over rivers and seeing goats by the roadside.

The group stop in a city and Mr Sheppard films a panning shot of the buildings, zooming in on a large bridge. There are also street scenes, and boats in a harbour. Taken from the bus, further shots through the windscreen show the coach traveling down narrow streets. We then cut to a view from a boat which is flying the Portuguese flag. Dorothy is seen among the passengers on board. The camera focuses on a gondola and a crowd by the river bank, as well as women washing clothes in the river.

There are several brief shots of an outdoor swimming pool. Dorothy sits at a table with other members of the tour group, and Horace is seen walking away from the camera towards her. We then see street scenes with members of the group and the coach visible. The camera focuses on buildings, monuments and people in the street. A woman carrying a basket on her head stops and stands for the camera.

There is a 160 degree panning shot of buildings and a wide sandy beach, followed by images of market stalls. Dorothy is visible amongst the shoppers. Amongst other wares, the market sells live chickens, ducks and rabbits. We also see the fish market and a waterfront. From the bus we see a hill top monastery, and a road sign for Caldas and Lisboa. The holiday makers are seen visiting a cathedral.

We then see a group of Portuguese people on a beach hauling in fishing nets. A close up shows small silver fish being tipped from a net into a box. There are shots of fishing boats, men mending nets and women selling fish and octopus. Cattle are used to haul boats up the beach from the water.

We return to the coach and there are further shots of passing towns and countryside. There is a road sign for Salamanca in Spain. The bus waits for a freight train at a crossing. Mr Sheppard films a stop on the journey as the group visit a cathedral, where we see shots of Dorothy again. Passing a sandy beach, through the window of the bus we see another road sign for Bordeaux, signaling that the coach is now back in France. Dorothy and members of the holiday group are seen seated on outdoor tables at a cafe. The final shots of the film are taken on board the coach again and include a shot of the interior of the coach and it's passengers. A female passenger is seen also filming with a cine camera.