Title ID 7841Collection ID1036
Title[France: Avignon; Paris]
Date[ca. 1969]
KeywordsBuildings Cars Holidays Monuments Motor Vehicles Religious Buildings Rivers Street Trading Tourism Travel
LocalAvignon Paris
NationalFrance Europe
ProductionHorace Sheppard
CameraHorace Sheppard
ParticipantsHorace Sheppard Dorothy Sheppard (wife)
FormatColour Silent
Duration8 min. 13 sec.
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Mr Horace Sheppard made this film during a holiday in France with his wife, Dorothy. The couple visit Avignon and Paris.


The film opens with a shot of a road sign pointing to Avignon and Paris, filmed through the window of a bus. We then see Dorothy standing in the street in Avignon. The camera pans to take in cafes with tables on the pavement and a church. Dorothy stands with other members of their group who wave at the camera. We see further street scenes and city buildings as well as a row of buses parked outside a castle. The group climb aboard their bus again, and one of the tour guides poses with Dorothy for the camera.

Once again on board the bus, the camera focuses on a sign for Paris through the window. From the bus we see souvenir stands. We cut to a several street scenes that show crowds of people on the pavements and busy traffic in the road. There is a panning shot of the Sacre Couer and several members of the group standing on the steps of the building. We see Dorothy walking around the busy streets of Montmartre, and the camera lingers on artists, cafes and pedestrians. There follow shots of the Moulin Rouge and the Arc de Triomphe, with the roads leading up to the arch busy with traffic. There is a short section of overexposed film, followed by several shots of people roller skating in a square, the camera following an older man on his skates. We see statues and gardens by the Eiffel Tower. The final scenes of the film are taken from a boat trip on the River Seine. We see people walking, sitting and dozing in the sunshine on the river banks, and a view from the river to Notre Dame Cathedral.