Title ID 774Collection ID179
TitleJubilee Year
CollectionKen and June Paine
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCarnivals Castles Celebrations Ceremonies Commemorative Events Communities Coronations Cultural Events Houses Religious Buildings Royalty Shops Urban Areas
LocalWindsor London Balmoral Hythe Folkestone
RegionalBerkshire Greater London Aberdeenshire Kent
NationalEngland Scotland United Kingdom
ProductionKen and June Paine
FormatColour Sound
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An amateur film featuring events in London, Hythe and Folkestone celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. The film also includes scenes recorded directly from television of the Royal Family and The Queen's coronation, and has music soundtracks and intertitles throughout.


Opening titles: "$Z$" & "Jubilee Year" [fanfare]. HM The Queen Elizabeth II sits on a sofa, shots of Windsor Castle follow, before HM The Queen and other members of the Royal Family are seen outside a church talking with the priest. The Houses of Parliament are viewed from across the River Thames and at a tree planting ceremony HM The Queen plants a tree, watched by crowds of people. A plaque reads: "This tree planted on 8th February 1977 by Her Majesty The Queen commemorates the 25th anniversary of her accession to the Throne". The Queen is next seen meetings crowds outside the Museum of London on the occasion of its opening. Inside the museum, The Queen shakes hands with people standing in a line; there are lingering shots of exhibitions, including items from the coronation (?) such as a crown and dress with long train. At Balmoral, The Queen and Prince Philip are seen in a small room, posing by the fireplace. They sit on a nearby sofa together, the Prince passes The Queen a newspaper. They then pose together next to a bookcase, shots of stag heads on the wall and flowers. The Prince picks up a fly fishing rod and they briefly talk together [footage courtesy of Walton Films].

Titles: "The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1952-1977", "The Queen came to the throne in 1952" & "And her coronation took place in June 1952". Shot of a newspaper headline: "This Gleaming Lady", followed by stills of the coronation ceremony, shot of a coronation mug and cinema footage of the coronation pageant and ceremony with a 'fly past' over Buckingham Palace. Title: "Some of the landmarks of those 25 years", newspaper headlines: "1953"; "350-mile havoc, hundreds dead and missing in biggest sea disaster", "1955", "Princess decides No, strengthened by devotion of Group Captain Townsend", "1960", "Oh Boy!", "1962", "The Mother Touch", "1972", "Their Silver Years", "1973", "Love Story", "1973", "The Captain's lady" and "- and so to 1977 The Jubilee". Shot of poster which gives a chronology of significant dates in the life of The Queen. Title: "Decorations in Hythe and Folkestone", shots of the Royal Military Canal and the town centre which has been decorated with bunting and flags for the occasion. Displays of royal memorabilia have been set up in shop windows, shop fronts are decorated with royal-themed flags and banners. A banner over a road reads: "The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977", a marching band processes along the road underneath. Houses are seen decorated with flags, bunting and posters. Title: "Street parties - in spite of the weather"; a man holds a poster: "Caution, Silver Jubilee street party in progress". Numerous shots of people celebrating at street parties, a banner over one road reads: "East Cliff Party", elsewhere a street sign reads: "Denmark Street"; here children sit wearing crowns eating tea at a table in the street. At Invicta Road, a magician entertains the crowds.

Shot of the Royal Standard flying; in London the Royal family are seen in carriages traveling past Buckingham Palace and along The Mall, banners are draped from lampposts and large crowds can be seen cheering and waving flags. The Queen's carriage arrives at St. Paul's Cathedral where The Queen gets out and walks up the steps of the cathedral with Prince Philip. Inside, the Queen joins a procession to the front [fanfare] where she sits, facing the alter. Long shots of The Queen exiting the cathedral after the ceremony. Bells can be heard peeling as The Queen goes on a 'walkabout' and meets members of the public who have gathered outside. At Buckingham Palace, crowds surge forward as The Queen and the Royal Family appear on the balcony; shots looking down The Mall, which is full of people waving flags. Title: "Some of the souvenirs of the Jubilee"; shots of books, ornaments and other memorabilia. Title: "Jubilee Carnival"; a marching band leads a carnival procession at Folkestone, crowds are gathered to watch the decorated floats, all with a Jubilee theme. Title: "X!?X!X?" a broken down car is seen being 'bumped' out of the road. Crowds cheer as the procession of floats pass by. The film ends with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II; title: "The End".