Title ID 7732Collection ID873
Title[Lusaka Scenes]
DateAugust 1958 - 1960
CollectionMaurice Puttock
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeCommemoration Family Life
KeywordsAircraft Building Construction Celebrations Central Government Ceremonies Children Civil Defence Exhibitions Family Farming Food Houses Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Parades Rivers Royalty Rural Areas Schools Sport
LocalLusaka Kariba Blantyre (?)
NationalZambia Zimbabwe Malawi Africa
ProductionMaurice Puttock
CameraMaurice Puttock
EditorMaurice Puttock
ParticipantsClifford Puttock; Clive Puttock; HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother; HM The Queen, Elizabeth II
FormatColour Silent
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This edited film shows events and family scenes as captured by Maurice Puttock, showing family life in Lusaka (now Zambia) in the late 1950s. Scenes include several noted visits from HM Elizabeth The Queen Mother and HM The Queen, Elizabeth II among others. It also shows birthdays and work trips to see the building of the Kariba Dam.


This compilation opens with a title on the front of a brochure for the: "32nd Annual Show August 1958". A series of agricultural scenes and highlights from the show follow, including: pigs and cows; a boy stroking a horse in a stable; equestrian horsemanship and show jumping events; a motorcycle police demonstration; fire stunts and acrobatics; views of the show buildings and pavilions; children's show jumping events; the use of spears; agricultural display of bulls; judges assessing breeds presented; views of the spectators surrounding the ring watching the demonstrations; a bull making a run for it, taking the handler with it; a horse inspection; several horses bolting; and further views of pigs in a sty.

[Kariba 1958] The next sequence shows a pamphlet for "Kariba" followed by a sign for "Kariba North Bank - Access road for scheme traffic constructed for and maintained by The Federal Power Board Admission is Reserved". A series of close up views show the Kariba dam being constructed with cranes lifting materials onto the site. The site is covered in steel scaffold and towers. This is followed by views of the Kariba River from the dam and hillside.

[Jets at Lusaka 1958/59] At an airfield there are several RRAF (Royal Rhodesian Air Force) Douglas Dakota [?] aircraft and "RRAF 167", filmed in close up, followed by four Dakotas in flight.

[“Cricket Season” 1958/59] A series of family and rural landscape scenes feature in this section, showing: two boys playing cricket in a garden (Clive and Clifford); a Boxer dog (named Scrap) lounging on a rug; views of a group of sable in the wild; two warthogs running across a road; warthogs grazing; a giraffe wandering through a tree line, and feeding on low branches; a heard of elephants walking together; sable grazing; a flock of wildfowl (ginueafowl?) grazing; monkeys hanging from a tree; Clive and Clifford sitting on a rock in portrait eating apples with one boy pointing off camera. A sign reads: "Croc Pools" with view of a crocodile in a pool.

[Installation of Governor 1959] A parade leads the royal motorcade carrying HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and a man in feathered head-dress, passing the camera followed by shots of a man stood on a podium and several men in wigs and judicial clothing sitting next to HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Events are followed by a military parade and a show of arms by local forces.

["Clifford’s Birthday 1959" and "School Sports 1959"] The family have a birthday party meal in a garden with a table laden with cakes, drings and food followed by shots of a Woodlands School sports Day with foot races.

[Visit of Queen Mother to Lusaka 1960] The shots then return to the royal motorcade and a military parade. Clifford and Clive read a local newspaper on the "Royal Visit", cutting to scenes showing spectators gathered in a square around a monument on a grassed area (The Physical Energy Monument in Lusaka) with HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother arriving by car under escort. Other dignitaries and the Governor [?] arrive in the square. The event is serenaded by a Scottish bagpipe marching band and a fly past of four aircraft [out of focus]. The scene cuts to a Military (local force) marching band and HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in yellow, standing to watch a parade outside the gates to State House in Independence Avenue. The armed forces parade the GBR Union flag and local flag to the gates, closing with a shot of a coat of arms flying over a tribal style shield on a road.

[Queen’s Birthday parade 1960] Pamphlet: Ceremonial parade official birthday for HM the Queen; followed by shots of a parade by a large cohort of army personnel on a playing field with the ceremony taking place in the middle of the field with several dignitaries crossing the field. Scene ends mid shot.