Title ID 773Collection ID179
TitleBeen and Seen
Date[ca. 1975]
CollectionKen and June Paine
KeywordsBoats Buildings Carnivals Clothing Cultural Events Cultural Heritage Festivals Houses Hovercraft Parades Parks Quays Religious Buildings Rivers Seaside Resorts Urban Areas
LocalUpnor Pegwell Bay Brighton Firle Tenterden Maidstone Hythe Faversham Limpsfield Broadstairs
RegionalMedway Kent Brighton and Hove East Sussex Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA Jaykay Joint Production
CameraKen Paine; June Paine
FormatColour Silent
Duration23min. 57sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


An amateur compilation of places and events in southeast England. The film, which includes intertitles, captures places of interest at various locations in the southeast, including scenes from a Dickens Festival at Broadstairs.


Opening titles: "$Z$", "A JayKay Joint Production", "Been and Seen" [map of southeast England]


The film opens with shots of boats moored on the river; larger boats can also be seen sailing along the river. Sign: "Upnor Sailing Club".

"Pegwell Bay"

Shots of a hovercraft at sea with the Viking longboat in the foreground. Point-of-view shots from the front of a moving car, as well as shots of inside the car.


Shots of the Brighton Centre, pigeons on the promenade and shots of the beach, pier and the Odeon Cinema and Kingswest centre. More point-of-view shots from the car at night along Brighton seafront. The car stops at a level crossing at Pevensey Bay to let a train pass. More shots of seafront illuminations. The film cuts to daytime scenes, the rain splashes onto the windscreen and clouds and lightening are seen overhead. Sign: "Firle Place"; shots of the house and grounds; a group of people are seen wandering around, brief shots of the interior of the house.


Shots of the town, including the town hall and parish church.


Shots of a large building outside Maidstone East station and crowds of people at a market. People are seen walking by the river where boats are moored; close-up of a duckling. The Palace is seen from across the river.


Shots of Hythe church; a woman walks in through the entrance. Inside, there are shots of the church interior, including stained glass windows and side chapel, rows of skulls sit on shelves. [Hythe town ensign] shots of a carnival parade, led by a marching band, spectators stand and watch. Many of the participants are dressed in medieval costume. The crowds disperse as the parade finishes, shots of people dressed up in medieval costume gathered on a field taking part in a fete.


Shots of Faversham town centre with the Guildhall, streets and Faversham Brewery, followed by the parish church, including shots of its interior. Shots of the Masonic Hall and other timber-framed buildings, including a sign: "Formerly The Globe Inn". Point-of-view shots from the car.

"Detillens Surrey (Built 1450)"

People are seen walking into the grounds of the house, a woman bends down to stroke a cat. Shots of medals displayed in a cabinet and interior shots of the house and garden with close-ups of flowers.


Shots of Bleak House and Dickens House; a banner across the road reads: "Dickens Festival June 17-24". Brief shot of gas appliances on display in a shop window, followed by posters advertising productions of 'Oliver Twist' and 'Dombey & Son". Shot of 'Dickens Pantry Cake Shop', followed by flowers in a public park. People are seen parading in Dickensian costumes. The Mayor takes a cake which is offered to him on a large silver tray. Crowds of spectators sit in deck chairs watching the parade. Title: "The End".