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Title[Lusaka; Victoria Falls]
CollectionMaurice Puttock
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeTravel Public Services
KeywordsAircraft Animals Building Construction Central Government Children Celebrations Dance Education Family Industry Lakes Men Rivers Royalty Rural Areas Schools Shops Sport
LocalLusaka Kazungula
NationalZambia Zimbabwe Africa
ProductionMaurice Puttock
CameraMaurice Puttock; Patricia Puttock
EditorMaurice Puttock
ParticipantsClive Puttock; Clifford Puttock; Patricia Puttock; HM The Queen, Elizabeth II; HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother; HRH Prince Philip (?)
FormatColour Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This extended family film shows: domestic scenes at a rural village; scenes from an agricultural show; a school sports day; traditional Pit sawing of Muputu wood; a visit by HM The Queen Elizabeth, II and HM Elizabeth,The Queen Mother, plus other royal family members to Lusaka [?]; a visit to the Victoria Falls; the family at a pool; a series of model trains going through tunnels (?); and a group of older adults in portrait.


The font cover of a booklet: 31st Annual Show..." opens the film followed by scenes that show a PWD pavilion with views of the showground; a show jumping event; prized bulls being shown in an arena; a bull running away whilst on a lead and a man chasing after it.

Sign: "Pitsawing The method of log conversion is still practised in most parts of Africa. The timber being sawn is Muputu (Brachystegia Speciformis)" followed by a demonstration of the technique.

A series of shots of several animals in an enclosure follow. These include a monkey, a snake and "Able the Sable" (a Matestsi Sable - a type of antelope sitting in a cage). A sign on the front of a building reads : Federal Department of conservation (Extension)".

The scene returns to the agricultural show with a heard of cows drinking from a trough; family groups looking at the show animals behind white slatted fencing; followed by demonstrations in the area that include horsemanship and a police motorcycle formation show.

Sign: "Woodlands Primary School" wide shots of the exterior of a series of bungalow style school buildings with a large group of children sat around a sports field watching other children doing different sports - running races, high jump, egg and spoon races, bicycle races, walking on bricks, and tug-of-war.

A series of family portraits follow showing two young boys (Clive & Clifford Puttock) in school shorts and white shirts sitting on the ground cross-legged; the two boys playing next to a river; their mother (Patricia) brushing a young boy's hair; two boys in swim wear running around the front yard; birthday cake with young boy blowing out the candles and the boy eating cake.

The next compilation shows shows a sequence of local scenes that includes a portrait of a local man in a traditional black tunic with red trim and matching hat, standing beneath a flag pole with the Union flag followed by views of a series of thatched buildings on a farmstead (?); a group of local men carrying reeds or straw and placing them next to the road; a local tribesman in formal jacket, shirt and bow tie with a traditional red and white African print fabric skirt kneeling on the road (praying?); a group of local people and rangers escorting local VIP officials through the farmstead (a local VIP wearing formal western clothing); a group of traditional musicians play whist locals dance surrounded by spectators; view of a large colonial building under construction next to a road; tribe artwork adjacent to a road; a commercial passenger aircraft flying overhead (HM The Queen's Aircraft?); views of a second large colonial building with vast landscaped gardens out front and a Union flag and memorial monument with engraved cross.

A second compilation showing local buildings and architecture follows, including a sign: "Ridgeway Hotel" and another sign: "Lusaka Electricity Supply Corporation Limited." on a brick wall and exterior view of the power station. Other views show an exterior view of the "Atlantic" building water tower (?); a water fountain; a shopping mall (?) with Union flag; several buildings under construction; and a large archway over the road.

The film cuts to a compilation showing HM The Queen, Elizabeth II's visit to the region with spectators gathered to watch her motorcade arrive. Dignitaries stand on the steps in judicial wigs and robes. HM The Queen, Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip (?) stand on the steps of the building. HM Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and other royal household members meet several dignitaries and local VIPs. The Royals rejoin their motorcade to leave, passing the waving crowds. At an airfield, crowds gather to watch the Royals board an African Airways plane [VP-YNE] which leaves the runway. Further scenes show a close up of a Union flag, views from onboard an aircraft of the Victoria Falls and a view of the River and falls from the riverbank.

Other scenes show a swimming pool with the film-maker's children diving in the pool and Mrs Puttock swimming in the pool surrounded by other families. The film then follows several model railway trains passing along a track and through tunnels. A portrait shot of an older family group closes the film.