Title ID 7727Collection ID873
Title[NSEFU: Big Lagoon]
DateOctober 1957
CollectionMaurice Puttock
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionTravel
KeywordsAnimals Bridges Cars Urban Areas Villages Rural Areas
LocalChipata Luangwa
NationalZambia Africa
ProductionMaurice Puttock
CameraMaurice Puttock
EditorMaurice Puttock
FormatColour Silent
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A film of scenes showing a car journey from a game camp to Big Lagoon Camp passing through Fort Jameson (now Chipata) in Zambia, travelling by car along several rural roads up a mountain side. The film-maker uses the milestones denoting distance to Fort Jameson to show his progress along the journey. Continuing on to a second camp at Nsefu, the film-maker captures views of the animals on the reserve finally arriving at Big Lagoon Camp by car.


A pale blue car (K 4789) is parked on a camp being loaded with goods and being being washed by a local man. The Trig marker for "FT Jameson 361" is shown. Views from a car on a tarmac road. Documenting the route between markers. Trig marker for "FT Jameson 282".

AA sign:"Narrow Road with Crossing Points for One Mile. Ascending Traffic Has Right of Way"; car ascending track road up hillside; Trig marker for "FT Jameson 174"; car passing camera on side of road.

AA sign: "From here for 100 Miles Road is Narrow with Steep Grades and Sharp Curves"; views of the track road from the car passing over several small bridges; Trig marker for "FT Jameson 59"; rural views from the car on dirt road; Trig marker for "FT Jameson 14"; Sign: "Springbok Inn"; Arrival at a camp.

AA road signs for several camps including Nsefu and Kuambe; A view of a narrow stream with a group of locals sitting on the river bank and washing baskets.

Sign: Nsefu Game Camp 40 Miles"; shots of the car on a road at dusk: Sign: hanging across a reserve driveway "Game & Tsetse Nsefu Game Reserve"; Views of a wetland style nature reserve; elephant with young on the opposite riverbank; a flock of large birds fly overhead; a group of deer with young and a heard of zebra on a grassy plain; views of a car on a track road; close up of a sign "Chibembe Pontoon" "Big Lagoon Camp"; passing over a dirt and straw bridge to take a local raft ferry to the other side of a riverbank, guided by a group of locals; a hippopotamus wandering in a river and on a river back where several birds land on the animal's back; a baby hippo running into a river; a group of hippo in the water; several alligators or crocodiles entering the water; several individual buffalo; a heard of deer [?]; a lion and lioness walking in tall grass; a heard of warthog; a group of vultures perched on the remains of a dead tree eating a zebra carcass; A group of hyenas under a tree; a gazelle; a view of white washed mud huts on a camp; a river; a man carrying a camera tripod; returning to views of the river and bird life on the opposite bank; closing with views of wild animals on a track road and wading in a watering hole and a sunset.

Contextual information

Fort Jameson is now known as Chipata.