Title ID 7711Collection ID991
Title[In and around East Horsley]
Date1931 - 1934
CollectionChown Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily life Rural Life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Castles Children Domestic Gardens Family Holidays Houses Hunting Landscape Leisure Time Activities Rural Areas Sport
LocalEast Horsley Poole
RegionalSurrey Dorset Isle of Wight
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionKenneth D. Chown
CameraKenneth D. Chown
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration24min. 35sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A home movie featuring the Chown family from the 1930s. Family and friends are seen in and around East Horsley and on holiday at various locations in southern England. Also featured is a gymkhana - organised by Frank Chown and attended by Lord and Lady Crewe.


The film opens with shots of a couple walking through a large front garden; the man carries a young girl on his arm and they stop to pet a dog. The same man and young girl are again seen walking away from the house, a sign hangs over the gate "Gorsty Hayes". In a back garden, two young children are seen playing with toys; they are encouraged to pose for the camera. On a frozen Pennymead Lake at East Horsley, the Chown family are seen skating and sledging. Frank Chown pulls the children along on a slegde. Lots of other people from the village are also seen skating on the frozen lake.

The film cuts to scenes of the Chown children and their mother on the Sandbank Hotel beach at Poole; they pose and wave at the camera, before they are seen paddling in the sea. The family appears to be with another group of people who they talk to on the beach. Back at East Horsley, one of the Chown children is seen riding a pony at Bishopsmead, elsewhere a friend of the family plays cricket at the Pennymead Sports Club; the opposing team toss a coin before players in their whites walk onto the pitch. The Chown family are seen watching the match next to a parked car. Back at the Sandbanks Hotel, Eileen Chown is seen playing tennis on a grass court. A lady deaconess, the sister of Frank Chown, sits and watches the game of tennis. One of the Chown children stands nearby her aunt holding a doll. A member of the Chown family holds a puppy up to the camera. Back on the beach the family are seen paddling in the sea.

Indoors, Frank and Eileen Chown are seen smoking, they appear to be at a dinner party, sitting at a dining table. The film cuts to a man standing holding two horses on reins at Woodland Drive, East Horsley. One of the Chown children sits on a saddle, she rides the horse down the driveway and is followed by other members of her family; a woman stands on the road waving them off. In the village at the Duke of Wellington pub, a hunt meet is seen gathering. The hunt is seen underway in the surrounding countryside. Elsehwere, the Chown children are seen feeding lambs with a bottle of milk; a young girl holds a goat.

A title reads: "The Gymkhana"; a man stands over a table preparing programmes for the event. The field is seen with the jumps and fences laid out. Cars start to arrive and stalls are seen under tents. A bookmaker "Tom Durrell' takes bets from attendees. At Horsley Station a stagecoach is seen transporting passengers to the gymkhana. The various events are seen underway, with riders negotiating various aspects of the course.

On the Isle of Wight, a woman is seen sitting on the cliff top looking out to sea. Various shots of Tennyson Down, including a memorial and Freshwater Bay. The same woman walks along a country lane; Kenneth Chown is seen sitting on the grass wiping his brow. A woman is seen in the water at Freshwater Bay. Others are seen sitting on the promenade and exploring Carrisbrook Castle; shots of Kennith and Phyllis. The film ends with some colour footage of the family in a back garden.