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Title[Golden Sands at New Romney]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
KeywordsBeaches Buildings Entertainment Family Games Holidays Sport Summer
LocalNew Romney Littlestone
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRoy Sellen
CameraRoy Sellen
DirectorRoy Sellen
ProducerRoy Sellen
FormatColour Silent
Duration15min. 22sec.
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The Sellen family on holiday at Golden Sands holiday park at New Romney, Kent. This silent film is a sometimes cheeky account of the family taking part in a number of organised activities, typically associated with holiday camps of the period, such as sporting and fancy dress competitions.


"The Sellens: Roy, Mike, Jim, Edna"

Opening titles continue: "Produced and Directed by R. Sellen.", "Welcome to the Camp" & "A stroll round the gardens". The Sellen family enjoy a holiday to Golden Sands at Romney, Kent. Three women are seen wandering around some gardens looking at the plants and an ornamental pond; they bend down to touch the water. Title: "Novelty Cricket Match"; a group of adults are seen playing an informal game of 'cricket' with an oversized bat, ball and wickets. Family groups are seen sitting outside a pavilion building watching the game.

"Sand Modelling Competition"

Adults are seen on a sandy beach making sand sculptures. Intertitle: 'Quick, here come the judges"; speeded up shots of the competition, a group sit on deckchairs laughing. Final touches are made the sculptures; title: "Sea Lion. The Winner"; shot of the Sea Lion made from sand. Title: "What a crowd"; a large group sit chatting on the sea wall. Titles: "We go to Littlestone", "For football and netball" "There are bustling beautys galore" [the word bustling is replaced with a 'y' to make the word "busty"]. A couple prance around next to a miniature railway, the man is wearing female clothes and the others in the group are wearing fancy dress. More men are seen in drag. The group are seen briefly disembarking the miniature train and making their way to the sports field. The different groups pose in their outfits before they are seen competing in netball and football matches. Intertitles: "Victory for Littlestone" "But team still get a ducking"; members of the team are seen being pushed and jumping into an outdoor swimming pool.

"Wimbledon championships"

two women are seen playing tennis on an outdoor court, the court is surrounded by chalets [some of the action shots are upside down]. Title: "Charity football match", "TV entertainers v Golden Sands", "Stars present included", "Melvyn Hayes, Wonderful Life", "Richard O'Sullivan, Cleopatra", "Jeremy Bullock, Summer Holiday", "Terry Downes, Boxer", "Maxwell Craig, stand in for Jack Palance", "Scott Peters, singer BBC", "Sam Bartram, ex England goalkeeper", "Toomy Scott, singer composer" & "Gary Hope, Moonstrike, ITV". The players are seen coming out the pavilion, a young boy approaches one of the them and asks for a autograph. The opposing teams are seen playing the football match. Title: "Half time"; players are seen having drinks and signing more autographs, before the start of the second half of the match. Title: "Stars cool off after the match"; some of the players are seen swimming in an outdoor pool, some of them dive from a low-level board.

"It had to come sooner or later"

Families are seen leaving the campsite and getting into their cars, they wave to the camera as they drive off. The film ends with an animation: "The End" and titles: "Charity match in aid of", "Pirate Springs Home For Handicapped Children" & "Total collected 63-9-0".