Title ID 7675Collection ID990
Title[Hong Kong] [Part Two [?]]
CollectionBrickell Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
ThemeTravel Family Life
KeywordsBuildings Landscape Rural Areas Urban Areas Holidays Shops
LocalHong Kong
NationalChina Asia
ProductionRichard D. Brickell
CameraRichard D. Brickell
FormatColour Silent
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This amateur film shows a series of views of a rural hilly landscape, filmed from a plane and later a moving vehicle. The film also includes views from a hillside of farmland and a bay out to sea. The later part of the film shows night-time scenes of a busy urban street with illuminated street signage.


Amateur family film showing scenes from an aircraft, with views of the sea and a sprawling city as the plane lands at an airport. Views follow of a rural valley with mountains, farmland and houses dotting the landscape; returning to panoramic shots of the valley and a bay in the distance. The family are seen visiting a landmark with a signpost that points to many destinations. There is a brief shot of an urban street with traffic, returning to views of a rural farmstead. The next scene shows a series of night-time shots with illuminated street signs, cutting to daytime shots of a rural valley landscape.