Title ID 7660Collection ID990
Title[Families and Farms]
CollectionBrickell Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Rural Life
KeywordsAnimals Domestic Gardens Children Farming Houses Plants Rivers Men Landscape Labour Motor Vehicles Workers Seasons
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRichard D. Brickell
CameraRichard D. Brickell
FormatColour Silent
Duration25 min. 54 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Opening with a compilation of farming scenes, Guernsey cows are cared for, men drive combine harvesters across the fields and tractors till the soil in footage spanning several seasons between 1962 and 1963. Family scenes are also included, filmed by Richard D. Brickell.


Brown and white Guernsey [?] cows stand in a field, visited by two men, two women and two young children. Two farmers talk over a fence. Both wear tweed flat caps. The children climb over a sty. The adults, all with canes, are seen in a field with the dark brown Jersey [?] cows. They watch birds fly over the field. Close up footage of the cows follows. One of the women waves from a car as it curves round a rough road. Panoramic views of the landscape, countryside and fields follows.

The Jersey cows hurry towards the camera. The three farmers are seen with the cows. The car drives across a field. The camera trails the car behind in footage shot from the front of a car. Lingering footage of flowers in the family garden follows. Children play with their parents in the garden. In further family footage, the children laugh at a man who has come dressed as a tramp to a party in the garden. A series of close shots of men and women in attendance, smiling and talking, follow.

A panoramic view of the South Downs, stretching out to the sea, comes to rest at family members standing by a dairy van in the wind. The van is seen, driving through the fields from multiple view points, arriving at the farm. A man and woman are seen in a field, crops to their waists. A combine harvester works in a field. A tractor drives along side, collecting grain ejected from the harvester's chute. The men driving the vehicles are seen, looking over to the camera. The tractor driver climbs into the dairy van and closes the door. Further footage of wheat harvesting follows in views shot from a distance, close to the combine harvester and operator at work, and from the driver's point of view.

Children play by the River Ouse [?]. The rolling South Downs are seen in panning footage, shot from the river bank. The children walk along the water in the foreground, their mother standing above, wearing a check dress and cardigan draped over her shoulders. Guernsey cows stand in a field and walk by the water. Combine harvesters move across, the train line running from Lewes seen behind. The field being harvested is seen from a distance in panning footage from an elevated position and static shot at the level of the crops.

A tractor backs into an outbuilding at the farm, tipping the trailer up to empty the harvested grain. Several tractors are seen, driven across expansive fields, set into the South Downs, in straight lines in panning footage. The tractors are seen at a closer distance, tilling the soil. The driver checks behind his shoulder to maintain a steady straight course. The tractors are seen, gathered in the field after having tilled the field.

Winter scenes follow. In elevated views, fields and gardens are seen, covered in a layer of white snow. In spring scenes, the garden and flower beds in bloom are shown. Daffodils are seen in panning footage. Further plants, flowers and foliage is seen in close-up. The the end of the garden, the drive stretches out to a white gate. A garden path and steps run through the tiered garden. The drive is seen, lined with daffodils, looking back towards the house. A peacock stands atop a bird bath, its elaborate plumage reaching down to the ground. Two children stand underneath a tree in blossom in the garden.


A still Families and Farms (1964)A still Families and Farms (1964)A still Families and Farms (1964)A still Families and Farms (1964)