Title ID 7656Collection ID1003
Title[Domestic Scenes; Seaside; Sporting Events]
CollectionChilvers Family [?]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Buildings Domestic Gardens Holidays Piers Seaside Resorts Sport Swimming Tourism Urban Areas Women
LocalSelsey Worthing Thames Ditton
RegionalWest Sussex Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Chilvers [?]
CameraMr. Chilvers [?]
FormatColour Silent
Duration18 min. 43 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


An edited film showing short scenes that includes family outings, at sports events, holidays, gatherings and at home in the garden. Several of the sequences have intertitles, printed on acetate and held up to the camera on location in 1962.


A man takes a photograph while standing on a pile of logs followed by a series of rural and landscape views of a river that includes a girl sitting by the river, under a tree and views of a wooded area. In the next scene, a group of children and adults swim in an outdoor pool, while others sit by the edge in deck chairs against a high wall. A young boy and a girl play with inflatable rings, siting on them, splashing their legs to move backwards. Portraits follow of a couple, walking together in a flowering garden. They pause to laugh and kiss (the scene looks staged) with the woman showing the man her wedding or engagement ring.

Intertitle: "Green Ways." Two women walk through public gardens under a pergola. The shot cuts to a series of river scenes, showing two boats moving at speed along the water, seen from the bank. Three people are seen lifting the sail in a sailing boat.

Intertitle: "Selsey." An older woman sits by the sea on a stone seawall, walking with another woman along the shoreline to pick up seaweed from the shingle beach. Another younger woman walks towards the camera wearing a headscarf and revealing a stalk of Lunaria Annua seed pods she has just picked. A coast guard helicopter flies over Selsey Lifeboat station on the coastline.

A couple emerge from a house on a residential street and squeeze into a blue mini. The scene cuts to two women outside the "Manor House Hotel" followed by two women out for a walk on a village street looking into shop windows and later, in a field in the late afternoon collecting stalks of Wheat.

The next compilation shows two women walking through a garden full of flowers, quickly cutting to a panoramic views of Worthing pier. Intertitle: "Worthing", printed on acetate is held up to the camera over the shot of a hotel.

The film cuts to a compilation of shots of a horse race in progress. Jockeys and their horses leap over hedges, cutting to an older woman talking to a baby sat in a pram. The film returns to Worthing, with views of Worthing seafront and promenade.

A compilation of scenes follow that includes a woman sitting in a car by the road, a small vintage car pulls into a driveway of a Worthing seafront hotel, the Pier and promenade seen in the background. A static shot of a fish tank, A family group taking a walk through a woodland; a girl swimming in an outdoor pool [some shots are dark] as the family watches from several chairs on the terrace; A man and an older woman walk through a formal garden with statues, flowers in full bloom, closing with a portrait shot of an older man standing in the doorway of a house dressed in a formal three-piece suit.

A sign on the entrance to a playing field reads "Old Pauline Ground" followed by scenes of a rugby match in play. A row of 1950s housing surrounds the playing field. The scene cuts mid shot to a man in a suit walking with two women, one older and both holding flowers. The final shot is of a young woman in a green dress, standing in the garden showing the camera the garden pond has frozen solid. She knocks on the ice then throws a rock at it. The shot cuts to black mid throw.


A still from [Domestic Scenes; Seaside; Sporting Events](1962)