Title ID 7500Collection ID720
TitleItems From the Here and There
CollectionThe Victor Don Film Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Children Castles Clubs Scouting Family Games Sport Food Play Rivers Camping
LocalAshford Mersham-le-Hatch Leeds
RegionalKent Yorkshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Victor Don
CameraDr. Victor Don
EditorDr. Victor Don
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration33 min.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A selection of films compiled with intertitles by Dr. Victor Don, including bought-in films of South America, golf techniques and animals, and his own footage of the boys and his family. The reel was first shown to Ashford and Kingsmorth Beavers and Scouts in 1933.


Items from here & there Reel One. First shown the 8th Ashford (Beaver Section) & 1st Kingsnorth Scouts in December 1933. 'May I first have the pleasure of introducing you to yourselves under the Old Flag.' A Union Jack flies in the breeze. 'And under the new one.' A little white flag with an elephant emblem is seen.

'The Rovers. Self-conscious but beautiful.' Young men stand together, smiling into the sun. 'Look who they're in charge of! BRITISH BULLDOGS. Stimulated by the August Sun.' A game of British Bulldogs is in play outdoors. Two older boys catch a younger boy and he joins them in their attempt to catch others. The boys scramble to avoid the catchers but some inevitably get caught. 'And that was a good scrap! And talking of good scraps...'

'Enemies of long standing - the cobra and the mongoose' follows, a film made by another film-maker and edited with Dr. Victor Don's own footage for the Scouts. A mongoose and a snake square off against one another in a film interspersed with intertitles.

'Grummits is good for you. No! It's not a patent food!' Boys play a game over a net outside in the sun. 'Or perhaps you like Plate Golf?' Boys throw tin plates like Frisbees in a field. A church can be seen behind. 'China plates are not so good, they are apt to crack under the strain.'

Surely there is a plate in South America? The River Plate has a tributary called the Iguazu.' Bought-in footage of the river in South America with subtitles follows. 'This is no place for the timid soul who hates to get his feet wet...'

'That looks cold. Let's have a fire! One match does it!' A boy lights a fire and uses a plate to fan the wood so it catches. 'And there you are.' 'Now a little water... a few accessories... and we can all be happy!' The boys sit in a field together with tin plates and cups.

'And of all the greedy little brutes... In the north of South America is the Amazon, and in the Amazon... But let's go there...' Further bought footage, of fishermen on the Amazon river, follows.

'Let us consider a few matters of interest. For instance. Are you a Mason? Or Rather. Are you a Golfer? Whichever you are here is...' A bought-in film of Archie Compston, Champion Long Driver, follows. The film demonstrates correct grip, stance and shot techniques.

Are you interested in the making of film titles? No? Well, no matter. Here's how.' A man approaches a board. Letters appear to fly into his hand in footage shown in reverse action. When he steps back, the board reads 'A few snaps from my album.' 'All done by kindness! Watch this one.' The same footage is seen in slow motion so the action is clearly seen.

'Young Deer in the Park at Mersham-le-Hatch, Autumn 1929.' Deer and a stag walk in the across the grass towards the trees. Footage of R D Lockhart follows. A man emerges from a building and tips his hat to the camera. 'Peter - the Son 1929.' A dog plays in a domestic garden, running and leaping to catch his ball. He jumps up to a woman who holds toffee out for him to eat.

Scenes of the film-maker's parents follow. 'The Maternal Parent gets fed up.' A family member stands in the garden holding a rose. The Paternal Parent and the Hickory Shaft.' A man swings a golf club while smoking a cigarette. He is seen wearing a tweed suit, shirt, tie and hat. 'Cousin Willie 1929.' A man lights his cigarette beside a motorcar.

'Golf Fete at Leeds Castle 1929.' Leeds Castle is seen. Spectators watch from the side and Miss Joyce Wethere plays on the Green. 'An Exhibition Tennis Match at the same Fete.' Crowds watch a doubles match on a court. The castle and its grounds are shown in several panning views.

Scenes of the Hythe Dymchurch & New Romney Railway in Kent follow. 'The smallest public railway in the world.' A sign reads 'Beware of Trains'. A steam train passes, pulling carriages and passengers behind. In footage shot from the side of the track, the train moves towards and past the camera.

'The Grey Squirrel.' Squirrels are seen running across a lawn and balancing on the arm of a man. 'A bushy tail is very nice.'

The End