Title ID 7498Collection ID720
Title[Family Scenes: Garden; Outings; School Sports]
Date[ca. 1920s]
CollectionThe Victor Don Film Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Armed Forces Beaches Buildings Domestic Gardens Performing Arts Children Parades Royalty Uniforms Dresses Travel
LocalHythe London
RegionalKent Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Victor Don
CameraDr. Victor Don
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration13 min. 30 sec.
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A compilation of family scenes shot in the garden in Ashford, on trips to London and Monte Carlo, and at a school swimming gala and performances on the lawn, filmed by Dr. Victor Don in the 1920s.


Views of the sea at Hythe open the film. Groynes stretch into the water from the beach. Two women, Katy and Gertie (the film-maker's wife), sit on a swing bench in their garden in Ashford, reading the Daily Sketch. The two women walk in the garden and stand by the steps into the garden from the house. They sit on a bench under the window and feed Teddy the dog a sausage. Three women walk together. The film-maker, Victor Don, is seen on the golf course, pulling the post out of the hole. Family and friends sit on deck chairs and the swing bench in the garden. Gertie is seen in the garden, wearing a fur stole and flower-print full-length dress, trailed by Teddy the dog.

Scenes at a parade in London follow. Crowds have gathered along route to watch the mounted guards, marines, and the King and Queen in a carriage pass by. Two women stand in Trafalgar Square , surrounded by pigeons. Views of Westminster, that includes the Houses of Parliament from the square and St. Martins in the Fields follows.

A boy feeds the family dog in the garden. Family members join him on the swing bench in the garden to feed the dogs toffees. The Balmoral Hotel is seen. Footage of a sunset follows. A field of sheep and lambs is shown. Two men sit with the dogs in the garden. Three women and a young girl are seen on a boat. The King and Queen are briefly seen, walking through some gates. Crowds of children with bouquets of flowers, police officers, spectators, press and Beefeaters are seen.

Monte Carlo views follow. Mountains rise up from the water. The architecture of the town is shown in panning footage. Two couples walk towards the camera from a motorcar. They are seen walking around Monte Carlo with Gertie, the film-maker's wife. Old stone buildings and ruins are shown, and the town and landscape are seen from an elevated position. A group of women are seen in a garden, colourful flower beds in bloom. Further footage of dogs at play follows.

Children dive into an outdoor swimming pool during a school swimming gala. Spectators sit and stand around the sides of the pool. Children participate in swimming races dressed in costumes and caps. A group of children perform a play, song with tambourines and several dances in the grounds of a school. Many of the children wear costumes for the performances. Brief scenes of London and the Houses of Parliament close the film.