Title ID 7491Collection ID141
Title[College; Brighton; West Wickham; War Preparations; Christmas; Racing]
Date1937; 1938
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsEveryday Life Family Farming Piers [West Pier, Brighton] Racing Second World War (1939-1945) Uniforms
LocalWye Brighton & Hove West Wickham Camden, Hove
RegionalKent Brighton & Hove Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEmile Lauste Alva Lauste
CameraEmile Lauste; Alva Lauste
ParticipantsBessie Lauste, Emile Lauste, Leslie W Lauste; Alva Lauste
FormatBlack & White Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A compilation of material filmed mainly by Emile Lauste, featuring family members and their activities. The film includes a number of scenes of Alva and the family at Wye College, Leslie in Hove and Lauste family and friends at Tudor House.


“Alva off to Wye College, 1 – Denis sees him off, 2 – Wye College, 4th Oct 1937”

The film opens with shots of Alva, Denis and Bessie walking towards a car parked outside a house. The next scene features Wye College in the foreground.

“A look around the farm of South Eastern Agricultural College, Wye, Kent, 28th November 1937”

A close-up of a map with a pen pointing to Wye. An extract of a book, featuring Wye with a description of the locality. Shots of a woman leaving a house called “Winsford”, she is joined by Bessie. The film cuts to scenes outside a parish church with a number of cars in the foreground and an East Kent bus. In the next scene, Bessie, Alva and a young woman pose for the camera next to a fence. They are joined by Zuki their dog as they climb over a stile into a field. The section ends with farmyard scenes of animals and the group, including Emile, walking in the countryside.

“On holiday at Brighton, 1- an autumn sky, 2- feeding pigeons, Oct 1937”

This scene opens with a dark shot of the Peace Statue in Hove, with the sea beyond and shots of Bessie and Emile feeding pigeons on the West Pier.

“Amateur yacht racing, Portslade, 1937”

This scene opens with children launching their toy yachts on Hove Lagoon and cuts to Emile and another man standing on the promenade. Leslie (and others) are filmed leaving a large Victorian house in Hove, the nameplate reads “Mr L.W. Lauste”. Alva is filmed digging in a garden whilst Bessie, wearing an apron, waves a mop at the camera. At West Wickham, Bessie, Leslie and others are filmed walking around a garden, picking summer flowers.

“L. CpL Roffey, Signals, just before Xmas, with Alva, 18th Dec 1938” & “Roffey is off to India for 5 years”

The scene opens with Roffey, in his army uniform, and Alva walking towards the camera in the garden at West Wickham.

“Digging ARP trenches at Lincoln’s Inn. Gas Masks, the right and wrong way to take them off”

The scene opens with a shot of a concrete bunker being covered over with earth. Close-up of a poster: “Train whilst there’s time ARP needs you now!”. Emile, Bessie, Alva and a woman Alva's age (?) appear from behind an outhouse wearing gasmasks.

“Xmas 1938 was a white one, scenes at Hove Sussex, snow and slush”

Shots of Alva and Leslie leaving the house in Hove and getting into a car parked outside, licence plate on their car reads MU 2273.

“Grass track motor cycle race, photographed by Alva, June 13th 1937”

The film ends with scenes from a motor cycle race in the countryside, large crowds are gathered watching the racing.


A black and white still image taken from TID 7491, showing the side of a two toned livery East Kent bus. The bus is a single decker with the words East Kent sign written on the lower third, towards the rear of the vehicle.
A black and white still image taken from TID 7491, showing Mrs Lauste hand feeding a flock of pigeons on Brighton's West Pier. This action shot shows pigeons in mid air trying to land on her hand containing the food. Mrs Lauste is dressed in a two piece plaid suite and hat with a fox fur stole over one shoulder. 
A black and white still image taken from TID 7491, showing a group of model sailing boats on a lake or boating pond.